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digital artist

  1. RenniksArts

    Commissions Open

    Please message me directly if interested, I am open to discussion before purchase. Please make sure to have all information at the ready (references, example images, descriptions) before contacting me, google documents are preferred when sending me all needed information. Any drastic changes to...
  2. MistSkull

    Digital Commission [Mistskull/SouOrtiz]

    Hi everyone! I'm new on this account and I want share with you my art!! I just want to let you know I have my commissions open and If you like my art, you can ask me whatever you want! This is the link for the post on my account of the commission www.furaffinity.net: Paypal Commission Prices...
  3. Qwire

    Digital Paintings, Linework, NSFW and more! (Qwire's Artshop)

    G O A L B A R Hello there! Time to roll out some commissions to earn some extra money! If you are interested in a commission please feel free to message me here, email, or my old furaffinity. (That needs a serious rehaul.) About me as an artist. I work really fast. (Because in my industry I...
  4. StealthSneak1_Diesel

    Making Custom Made Charms!

    Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know I'm making custom made charms! No bases, so all poses are unique. I'm selling them for $5 for one, and an additional $2 for added charms on the same keychain. You can take advantage of my couples deal of $7 for two! That's one for you, and one for...
  5. Doodle Bunny

    Doodles' Doodles

    Hi everybody! I'm Doodles the bunny and I'm here to show off some art! My FA is here: Userpage of doodlebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if you want to follow that. You can talk to me there or talk to me here. I'd just love to talk to you! Without further ado, here's some work I've done. Boop...
  6. C

    My Kangaroo Art

    Userpage of crazydaisy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My Art is in the link above I want your opinion about this art that I made. Feel free to comment about how it looks and what should I do in the future. I hope you enjoyed my art.
  7. DLewis28

    Some helpful Tipsbut

    I'm if anyone would be interested in browsing my art gallery on Fur Affinity? I have made some digital art pieces, but I don't know how goo they are. I don't seem to making much of a impact on people or fan-base. Please help me. Here's a link to my art profile\gallery. Userpage of dlewis28 --...
  8. ksilvsart

    Digital Art/Traditional art/Comic pages starting at 15$

    Hello, I'm a professional comic book artist and illustrator looking for drawing/illustration/comic commissions, Prices start at 15$ and go up from there. You can either get a digital file via e-mail or if you want it printed there will be separate fee for shipping Samples of my work: I...
  9. SharpUnforgiven

    Hello I'm new to the forum

    I'm a digital artist, an MLP fan, and recently became a furry (fan). I've been drawing for close to 4 years (traditional) and 2 years (digital). I've been drawing ponies for the last two years both feral/anthro and SFW/NSFW. I've had some luck with commissions but not as much as I'd like. So I...
  10. Clockworke

    Clockworke returns to Paint Furs

    Hey Guys and Girls and those between and those outside of all of that. I've been struggling to find commissions clients and trying to branch out a clientel. So here I am again, looking to sell my abilities. Please, if you can, take a look at my art on other sites and see if my skills and styles...
  11. N

    Greetings from Staggheart!

    I have left, sorry!