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digital commissions

  1. outraged

    Outraged digital commissions! (Sketch/flat color/full color) Starting at 15$-35$ for full body. Looking to fill 1 more slot! SFW and NSFW

    Prices for full body! >>>>> Sketch - 15$ NSFW example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42353557/ Flat colour (no shading+some simple light) - 25$ NSFW example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46942910/ Full colour (Shading and light) - 35$ NSFW examples...
  2. WildKitFox

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Digital Character art--sketches, portraits, ref sheets, and scene paintings

    Hello! My name is Reny Fox, and I have commissions open for character art spanning from simple line sketches all the way through fully rendered digital paintings of scenes and ref sheets. I specialize in canids, mostly, though have experience with other anthros, as well as humans. I'm open to...
  3. KrissySempaiArt


    Want an awesome ice cream bar of your sona ? I've been making these about 2-3 years now and I LOVE making them ! - All species are welcome ! I have many more examples , but some of my files are too big for this forum . - Only $7 each ! Get a whole box - 5 sona bars , all different ocs - for $30...
  4. Phattie_Panda

    (Commission) Selling: Commission open!! Both sfw/nsfw digital art and ref sheets o3o

    Hey hey! I do the commissions!! Here is my commissions sheet (file is too large to put aaaa) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42367447/ I also do cute sticker-like drawings for $40 (examples below) I can also do other types of drawings pfp,banners etc just ask! I respond quickest through my...
  5. Vandclash

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions are open with DISCOUNT! Until July 14th

    Term of services
  6. ShaperAmbi

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) High Energy Artwork, Gijinka, Humanoids & More?

    Welcome! I'm going to start out my time here by keeping things simple! I might add or subtract more commission types later down the line. $15 for 1 fullbody sketch in white $45 for 1 fullbody drawing with flat colors $100 for anything complex General Rules & Terms of Service I don't draw...
  7. paperflesh

    (Commission) Selling: PAPERFLESH'S COMMISSION {OPEN} $5-$90

    My rules: -payment after the approved sketch - I've been doing your commission for a month - you can make change to me before the confirmed sketch - don't edit or make changes to my art, don't delete my signature! -NSFW, gore art are possible, discussing individual (+40-50%) I'm on TH...
  8. Doormou--se

    (Commission) Selling: Mouse's Commissions | $5+ | SFW/NSFW | HQ Digital | inc. PWYW

    Welcome to my newly revamped thread! Until further notice, all commission types have unlimited slots. By commissioning me you agree to my Terms of Service. To track your commission's progress, see my Trello: Trello Directory Deviantart Directory Chibi commissions Chibi+ commissions Pet...
  9. spr-out

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions - O P E N [ 8 € - 80 € ]

    Hello! I'm Bitesize and I'm a digital illustrator currently open for commissions via Paypal. ・ NSFW ・ SFW ・ Furry ・ Human ・ I won't do : ferals and mecha • Commission Form • contact email : bitesize.commissions@gmail.com Pricing : Links : furaffinity - deviantart - twitter EXAMPLES :
  10. sketchrabbit

    (Commission) Selling: YCH *licks screen* [Sale | $50ea | 5 slots]

    Hi! I have a sale for YCH lick screen paintings now, 5 slots and $50 each! (2 week sale maybe more slots open as I finish in a few weeks) Please send me a private message or email (sketchrabbitart@gmail.com) or please message me for my discord~ Thank you for looking!
  11. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: Human/Anthro/Feral|Semi-realism|Ref sheets|Character Design|$50-$150

    I'm officially back from hiatus and here to help out with all your character design, refs, and art needs!! Basic single view character drawings are $50 minimum with a background of your desire, examples of such below: For $150, I can do a 2 or 3 point turn reference with 2 detail images...
  12. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Ambriel's Commissions [Colored art starting at $15]

    Here's my order form, And here's some basic info. I'm open to weird prompts, NSFW, and kink related commissions. I also do black and white art starting at $9.75, so feel free to message me for more details.
  13. R

    SFW and NSFW Commissions [Digital Art, Writing, and Animations!]

    Sorry to the mod who took down my last comission thread post, as I said, I'm new to forums. Hello everyone! Call me Road. I am a new artist here on FA. I am experienced in doing commissions. I do commissions for E V E R Y O N E! I do all characters in all situations, and all "preferences" if...
  14. Proximasaur

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch Sheet Commissions

    THESE ARE ALL DIGITAL A sketch sheet will include at least one fullbody and two headshots (although there may be halfbodies or more headshots/fullbodies, depending on what happens). Some may end up with shading. ^^ All of them should be coloured. The difference between a sketch and a normal...
  15. Anjeka

    Eli's Art Shop

    I'm opening up some tentative commissions to hopefully help me get my bills under control while I'm still working and studying part time. Below is a couple links where you can view more of my work to see if it's in a style you would like, plus a basic price list. Prices may be slightly flexible...
  16. Bunnikkila

    $5 headshots, $25 character sheets!

    Hello! This is a master post for the types of commissions I am currently offering. Examples are below! Two-color Headshots: $5 Icons: $7 Chibis: $10 per character Sonic Character Intro Image: $15; additional pose (same character) for $10 Digital Sketch Sheet: $25 for four images Character Sheet...
  17. Thatonechickyoudontknow

    Clean Sketches and Watercolor Commissions

    I'm selling digital sketches and watercolors~! Sketches: Watercolor: Opening up with 5 slots available~! Sketches: $15 USD Watercolor: $25 USD Slot 1: OPEN Slot 2: OPEN Slot 3: OPEN Slot 4: OPEN Slot 5: OPEN I will do: Humans/Humanoids, Furry/Anthro, OCs, Canon Characters...
  18. ChaiChai2017

    Commissions are open (artworks digital/traditional, SFW, feral/anthro creatures) - 5 slots

    I opened 5 slots for commissions. If you want one or have some questions, feel free to Note me on my FA page or DeviantArt page . I draw: any fantastic creatures (dragons and gryphons are favorite), animals, anthro I can try: Humans/human-like faces, mechanical creatures, fanart, simple...
  19. Vistrym

    YCH: Ref Sheet 30 USD

    I want to start saving up money. So I'm offering a 30 USD ref sheet. I'll open up 5 slots for this exact ref sheet since its going theirs a lot on my plate. Ill open up more as time goes on. But the specifics are mammals only. Sorry for those who have a reptile or any other species sonas. Just...
  20. Ladyreha

    Offering traditional and digital portraits

    The lowest price is for less detail a plain head shot The portraits can be done side view or head on Added details will be things like Flowers, jewelry, costume, jewels chunks of crystal, Ect. Please contact me with questions or if your interested in making a purchase :)