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digital painting

  1. folvaen

    (Commission) Selling: Folvaen's Commissions! [$12-250+] - Furries, humans, digital paintings, lineart, and more!

    Welcome! This price sheet is a simple breakdown, I've also done chibi icons, environment pieces, hand drawn animations, animated icons, 3d model textures, and stream assets before! I also have a public queue here! This is also where you can find my TOS...
  2. Fishy Frog

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Character Portraits | painterly style • realistic shading • focus on details and personality | ($15+) Sketches, transformations

    Fishy Frog's ⚝ Character Portraits ⚝ Fur Affinity • Twitter • Tumblr Hello! Call me Froggo :] I am a digital artist and my main specialty is character portraits. I worked a lot with humanoid (often orc-like) characters in the past and now I am gaining experience with furry, anthro, and others...
  3. ShaperAmbi

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) High Energy Artwork, Gijinka, Humanoids & More?

    Welcome! I'm going to start out my time here by keeping things simple! I might add or subtract more commission types later down the line. $15 for 1 fullbody sketch in white $45 for 1 fullbody drawing with flat colors $100 for anything complex General Rules & Terms of Service I don't draw...
  4. toepads

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Semi realisim/Any style | sfw/nsfw

    Open to long term commissions, any gender and species welcome. Nsfw example on my furaffinity profile! $20 Lineart/sketch $50 simple coloured drawings $75+ shading, groups, scenes, backgrounds etc Happy to draw anything except for harmful acts/illegal stuff. Let's work something out! :)
  5. Kitcatmilk


    I have this YCH auction open for grabs, I’ve been trying to get rid of it for awhile now! I have it up in other places too though <3 I’m gonna see how it does here (: so any bids would be awesome! I’m trying to save to get out of my moms house so my daughter has more space since she’s starting...
  6. birdbrawl

    (Commission) Selling: Animal Crossing Style Painted Full Body Portraits (50USD - 75 USD)

    Hello all, I'm currently doing Animal Crossing Style Painted Character Portraits! for 50 USD, I'll draw your character in whichever clothing you like with one simple prop. More complicated scenes/props will be a little extra :) 5 slots! If you're interested, please send me a note on my FA page...
  7. mangomango

    Free Art: Free digital paintings! :) (currently closed, sorry)

    Hi! I've recently started trying to do more realistic digital paintings, and would love some characters to practice with! I'd prefer mammals and more furry animals. My only request is that once I complete a painting, that I could get some general and specific tips and advice on what to focus on...
  8. bunniary

    (Commission) Selling: Full-body commissions [$20-50]

    Rules: Payment must be sent through Paypal A reference of your character is required (either a picture reference or a detailed description) I will send you a heavily watermarked piece to make sure it looks how you want it to. If you want me to make any changes, tell me what you would like me to...
  9. bunniary

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots [$15-35]

    Rules: Payment must be sent through Paypal A reference of your character is required (either a picture reference or a detailed description) I will send you a heavily watermarked piece to make sure it looks how you want it to. If you want me to make any changes, tell me what you would like me to...
  10. narutogod123

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! (10$ - 60$) Backgrounds, Characters and more~

    Hello, I offer digital painting of backgrounds and characters I hope you like what I am offering! NSFW ALLOWED! My Current NSFW Auctions : YCH- Doggy Style (Ending October 21, 2020 7:30 PM- Eastern Time) YCH - Afternoon Knotting (Ending October 28th ,2020 7:30 pm - Eastern time) 40$ for...
  11. Doodle Bunny

    Art Trade: Trade With the Bunny (2/2 Slots) CLOSED!!!

    Hey! It's your girl, Doodles! Feel free to trade with me. I'm offering up some bust paintings: And I plan on streaming me painting your trade. So, I'm ready for your offers.
  12. PikaYu

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are OPEN! HQ Sketches, Fullbodies, and MORE! ($8-$90)

    ♥ WELCOME! ♥ ●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● Hello there, I'm opening commissions! Pricing is mostly on a case-by-case basis, and can be adjusted. If you're interested in commissioning me, please PM me! You can also contact me on discord, where my user is Blumoonwolf#0477. As of right now, there are...
  13. Doodle Bunny

    Sketchbook: Doodle's Official Sketchbook

    I think I do have an identity now. I didn’t like the negative start to my last sketchbook. So here’s a new one. Anyway, my sort of work.
  14. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: TOTALLY TUBULAR PORTRAITS for Legends Only [$25 and $60]

    hewwo! i am MD and i PAINT THINGS i also paint these things Bigly Goodly y ou fhsould you should take a look! take a look! please take a l images do want Something Like This? i can create Something Like This, just for YOU !. i can pay me Alright, seriously though: at the moment, all I'm...
  15. SevenArms

    New Speed Paint (No voice this time)

    I create a new speed paint video :D But I didn't have time to record anything for the voice over :/ Is a commission done for Derrick ft. Sashaindia :)
  16. SevenArms

    Community Service: Cheap Software for few days

    If anyone is interested in a good and cheap painting software Clip Studio Paint is having a 50% off summer sale: CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Software/app for Manga, Comics, Drawing and Painting I mean, $25 USD for a software with the same qualities as Photoshop, I think that's a huge deal! Not...
  17. SevenArms

    Paint demo or speed paint?

    I made a paint demo video of this big guy, is on youtube. But how do you call this kind of videos?? Paint demos or speed paints?? English is not my native language and I don't know is the same or there's a difference between them. ñ_ñ Here is the video: I'm still looking for a decent...
  18. Ahnik

    Open for Commissions (Line Art, Full Color, Digital Painting)

    Hi! I'm Ahnik, and I do digital art commissions. I've included my pricing sheet below; please get in contact if you're interested, or just come by my FA page and enjoy some art for free! I do both SFW and NSFW, but all links below are NSFW. You can view my FA page and gallery here. Or you can...
  19. ShortConcepts

    Digital Painting Headshots OPEN!

    Thank you for visiting my shop! Please read below for more information! Hey there, everyone! After I received some wonderful comments to open up a shop, I have decided to do so. As of right now, I am doing pieces done in the style below (images will follow a little bit more information)...
  20. ChaiChai2017

    Commissions are open (artworks digital/traditional, SFW, feral/anthro creatures) - 5 slots

    I opened 5 slots for commissions. If you want one or have some questions, feel free to Note me on my FA page or DeviantArt page . I draw: any fantastic creatures (dragons and gryphons are favorite), animals, anthro I can try: Humans/human-like faces, mechanical creatures, fanart, simple...