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  1. HyperChibiAbsol

    (Commissions) Selling digital and sprite artwork

    https://ibb.co/k8bPCvd Happy 2021 everyone! I wanted to make a new commission sheet for the year and re-open up commissions! Currently unemployed and trying to help pay bills and also save up for a new drawing tablet. If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I accept...
  2. polared

    ✨polars flat color commissions! [5/5 slots open]

    ✨POLAR'S FLAT COMMISSIONS✨ ✨WILLING TO DRAW✨ humans furries scalies anthros etc. ✨TOS✨ 1) i am willing to draw nudity; however, anything depicting anything super sexual is a no. (i do ask that the commissioner be at least 18 if asking for anything involving nudity) 2) i am willing to draw all...
  3. LilyFie

    Free Art: [CLOSED] Looking for cute characters to draw as warm up's.

    Please follow me on FA. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lilyfie/ Please reply with a SFW reference image and your discord if possible so that I may message you more easily. https://discord.gg/9sBfetz 0/3 slots left. I will be picking characters and directly messaging those that I choose...
  4. JustAKat

    Commissions (Selling): HQ Badges Starting at $30USD *SALE*

    Hello, my name is Kat! I recently bought a art printer more specifically the Epson SC-900. My art has improved as well. So I am selling badges: Headshots- $30USD Halfbody-$45USD *SALE* Buy one get one 25% off. ALSO Retweet: to get an 5% off FIRST purchase. Free shipping within the USA...
  5. 5thSun

    (Commission) Selling: Commission 2021 - Paypal- SemiRealistic 25€ - 150€

    I still have slots available ! You may find me on Furaffinity here >>> https://www.furaffinity.net/user/5thsun/ Feel free to PM me with questions if you have any!
  6. MochiiBerry

    Free Art: Let Me Draw You~

    Good morning buns~ My art has picked up a bit more, as in I'm at least sketching every other day or working on something. I'd like to push on and get out there? What I'm offering: Busts: This is up to my discretion if it'll stay as a sketch or if I'll pursue and full on color it. Things I...
  7. MaxisDeimos

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [AUCTION/YCH] Realistic] Watery Clothes SB: 30 AB: 60 USD

    Hello, I'm reopening this auction/YCH since the forum returned. The bid is on my FA account. Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38159379/ Hope you like them. There're 03 options a turquoise, a green and a purple versions. (I also do commissions and usually open my clothes concepts to...
  8. windblade

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Traditional Commissions (NSFW friendly) [5$-50$]

    ♦ Rules: ♦ - Prices are per character - Payment through PayPal - Once I am finished, I will provide you a watermarked preview and invoice you. Once the invoice has been paid, I will send you the unmarked, full size file! - Inform me if you do not want me to upload the finished product anywhere...
  9. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: Character Collection Commissions Open! ($50 )

    Hi All! I've started working on these Collection Commissions before uni finishes this year, with 9 slots available for customers to claim. To claim a slot, please contact me through PMs or FA Notes. Once visual reference material and a Paypal email for me to invoice, I will start working...
  10. CatSnake

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH's for Sale -- $ 25 and Up

    I have some YCH's up for grabs~ Examples of my finished Artwork can be seen here ★ SFW Art ★ Mature & NSFW Art ------------------------ Playroom Bab ONLY $ 25~ Includes -- YCH pose & the Background featured ( cleaned up of course ) ! >> Claim Here Please ! << ------------------------ 2...
  11. Neigh-Ella

    (Commission) Selling: Character Collection Commissions Open! ($50 - 10 Slots Available)

    Hi All! I'm very new to this forum, but I see a lot of talented artists and cool folks around already! I've started working on these Collection Commissions before uni finishes this year, with 10 slots available for customers to claim. To claim a slot, please contact me through PMs or FA Notes...
  12. Hitaka5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Collaboration Commissions Starting at $40 OPEN

    LoboSong and I are open for commissions. Email me at real.rockyfuller@gmail.com for questions or to order something! Prices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IlFlDOtvb_jDBiY4Yz2XS0HVDR0TU7kgYXE_s4G0RhQ/edit?usp=sharing Portfolio: https://sta.sh/22aq25dvw1vp
  13. R

    Realistic coyote progress

    Wanted to post this yesterday but was having difficulty logging in. Any who doing a coyote study so thought I show by progress here. can see more of my work on Instagram, Twitter or my fur affinity page.
  14. birdbrawl

    (Commission) Selling: Animal Crossing Style Painted Full Body Portraits (50USD - 75 USD)

    Hello all, I'm currently doing Animal Crossing Style Painted Character Portraits! for 50 USD, I'll draw your character in whichever clothing you like with one simple prop. More complicated scenes/props will be a little extra :) 5 slots! If you're interested, please send me a note on my FA page...
  15. Michel96M

    Random male portrait

    My gallery: Artwork Gallery for DiazTony -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ^^
  16. FloppyPony

    Pokemon 001 Chibi Bulbasaur

    Is this how i make an art showcase forum? I'm kinda new here -v-'
  17. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: HUMAN/FERAL/ANTHRO Colored+Shaded commissions Starting at $10

    Sure, I'm down. Please contact me on any of these sites, as I seldom use the forums: DeviantArt https://deviantart.com/following-the-rabbit Twitter ⚜️The Rabbit Follower⚜️ (@RabbitFo11ower) on Twitter Furaffinity https://furaffinity.net/user/ambriel/
  18. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions ($15-$60)

    Hi there! I'm open for commissions! I'm taking 3 slots at a time currently. Turnaround time is usually a few days depending on the slots I have free, but I will let you know if it's going to be longer or if there are any delays during the process. Do's SFW/NSFW Any gender Anthro/Feral...
  19. AmeliaTheHolstein

    Free fursona chibi commissioning, in need of practice!

    NOTICE: OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF 7/12/20 Hi, my name's Amelia. I'd like to start doing chibi art commissioning in the (hopefully near) future, and I need time to practice my art. I'm open to draw your fursonas in my art style, and if they're good enough I'd like to ask if I could post them on my...
  20. Fluffster

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open: $5-$40+

    Heyo! Fluff here! I got some commission spaces open so thought would share them here as well! Headshot sketches - $5 Headshots/Badges - $15 Flat/$20 Shaded Halfbody - $25 Flat/$30 Shaded Fullbody - $35 Flat/$40 Shaded Backgrounds can be added for an extra cost Simple - $10...