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  1. Maro

    Halloween YCH auction! Digital painting. SB: 15$ AB: 85$ (Full scene)

    www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Any species, any expression (can be scared or brave etc) Wings OK! 2ND CHAR IS FREE IF AutoBuy www.furaffinity.net: Halloween YCH - full digital painting - OPEN by Maroko Examples of style:
  2. Maro

    Fuzzy Maro's commissions (15$ - 95$)

    Hello :) I am an artist who tries many techniques. I do digital art, traditional art and pyrography- art burned on wood. Here You can view my PRICELIST Digital art examples: Pyrography: Traditional (art on paper) Let me know if You have any questions! My Telegram...
  3. neondust

    Eche's Commissions . . . OPEN! {$12-$50}

  4. Beaknose

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Inks Commissions (30-50+ USD) CLOSED

    Hello! I've sold a few times on here before and I decided to try again after staying away for a bit. I tend to work with digital ink, specifically in Clip Studio Paint. My style tends to be reminiscent of old comic from what I've told, or has a gritty, grungy feel. I utilize paypal invoices for...
  5. Silvie

    (Commission) Selling: [YCH - CHIBI - $10]

    fixed price USD10 payment by paypal only ANY SPECIES~
  6. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: {$35-$150} High quality custom refs&illustrations! Pet portraits&other work available

    Hello! I'm still open for commissions of almost any kind! NSFW & SFW available. NSFW ref sheet commissions come with a free SFW edit for your sharing comfort :) I'll be posting the SFW edits of my refs here, NSFW will be available upon request over DM. TERMS OF SERVICE LISTED AT BOTTOM OF POST...
  7. AJ Woofless

    Sketchbook: Finished Commissions for BigJazz

    Had fun doing this. Not had a commission in a while so it was nice doing work for someone. You can view bigger here ----> www.furaffinity.net: [CM]Icon for BigJazz by Torrent_Shark PM about comms, no info here.
  8. Photy

    (Commission) Selling: Art by Photy - starting from 50$ (price is always negotiable)

    Hello there. I am here to help you with any kind of art you need. I am open to any commissions, to any preferences (including style preference). You can also ask for nsfw, nudes, backgrounds, several characters, everything you can imagine. I don't have "won't draw" list. Feel free to ask...
  9. cerulean_blues

    (Commission) Selling: Cerulean's digital comssions! (5$+)

    Hi guys! Come on in and take a look around! If you see something that catches your eye, or have something you want done but aren't sure about pricing, feel free to message me! :D All payment is through paypal, with all or part of the payment due before delivery. Thanks for looking!
  10. F

    Open species:Astralins

    Hello guys Doing a lil advertising for my species The astralins are officially released and free to make. The critters from planet planet prismodia are just waiting to be drawn. Coming in different colours,sizes and variations, there are no rules for creating one. Let your imagination go wild...
  11. Ghost Raven

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open ($5-$30 usd)

    For separate art, ex. 2 headshots, add the regular price together. Ship art is the original price + half of the original price. ~ I don't trust snailmail and I only accept USD. ~ Digital (base price for a sketch)- Headshot - $5.00 Waist up - $6.00 Fullbody - $7.00 For extra characters, add...
  12. AJ Woofless

    Half of an art trade I did.

    This is for a friend named Hexa who I met on a discord group. Nice guy. For Bigger View, Click Here ----> www.furaffinity.net: Art Trade - Hexa [My Half to Him] by Torrent_Shark
  13. Zedgelord

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$15 Furry art

    Hi I'm Zed, Commissions Open! I take paypal! Chibi Commissions - $12.00 +3$ if you want a background more complicated than a solid color. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixel Commissions-$10.00...
  14. Eterna3

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions Open: Sketches to Full Color and Shading ($10 to $65)

    Hello! I'm new to this site and am opening up commissions for the first time. I will do sketches, simple shading, flat color, and paintings. Any of them can be either torso up or full body, with the price for a sketch starting at $10 and a full body painting starting at $65. Only simple...
  15. MiYeon

    (Commission) Selling: July Commissions Sale! $5-$20 (NSFW, Ref Sheets, OCs, & more!)

    Original Commission Journal: DeviantArt Hello Everyone! I'm officially opening commissions for the month of July! I'll accept requests from FA & DA so don't be afraid to hit me up! If you want to see some examples of my work, check here: L0VEN0TE's DeviantArt Gallery --- Types of...
  16. siamasi

    (Commission) Selling: 15$ [NSFW] drawings, [2/3 slots], from shy to kinky, everything goes

    Hey there, I'm offering digital (nsfw) drawings like this: --> for uncencored version and NSFW drawings, check my FA gallery Artwork Gallery for siamasi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net One drawing with one character is 15$, additional characters are +7$ each. Paypal only. (hands, part of the...
  17. Pyonkotchi

    (Commission) Selling: Pyon's Chibi Commissions~! 35 USD each!

    It's been a long time since i've been open for commissions and i've been on a bit of a chibi kick so I opened Chibi Commissions +20 for additional characters, Paypal Only I'll try just about anything! just ask me! i prefer cutesy designs though No NSFW right now pls! PM me if you're...
  18. Karinne J Terrault

    Cryptid's Com's; $5-$75 | Icons, Full-body, Painted, Chibi, Ref Sheets, NSFW

    Open; Paypal only My first time opening commissions and I'm real excited! Never done any NSFW com's but I'm willing to give them a go if they're pretty vanilla. Prices fluctuate based on complexity; I have a lot more pieces so please feel free to visit my deviantArt (ClockworkCryptid)...
  19. restinglichface

    Looking for a bit of critique

    hey folks! I’m fairly new to drawing furries and also relearning how to do digital art after not really doing it for over a year. I was hoping to get a bit of critique on some of my pieces, maybe just some things I could do to make my art look more dynamic? Thanks in advance!
  20. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Lineless portrait commissions! 8$-12$

    Hey guys! So recently I have been doing a lot of lineless portraits of characters. I love making them and I have decided to make them a commission! 7$ for a headshot! 9$ for a bust! 11$ for a full body My main method in communication is through telegram or Twitter, but talking about...