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  1. siamasi

    (Commission) Selling: 15$ [NSFW] drawings, [2/3 slots], from shy to kinky, everything goes

    Hey there, I'm offering digital (nsfw) drawings like this: --> for uncencored version and NSFW drawings, check my FA gallery Artwork Gallery for siamasi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net One drawing with one character is 15$, additional characters are +7$ each. Paypal only. (hands, part of the...
  2. Pyonkotchi

    (Commission) Selling: Pyon's Chibi Commissions~! 35 USD each!

    It's been a long time since i've been open for commissions and i've been on a bit of a chibi kick so I opened Chibi Commissions +20 for additional characters, Paypal Only I'll try just about anything! just ask me! i prefer cutesy designs though No NSFW right now pls! PM me if you're...
  3. Karinne J Terrault

    Cryptid's Com's; $5-$75 | Icons, Full-body, Painted, Chibi, Ref Sheets, NSFW

    Open; Paypal only My first time opening commissions and I'm real excited! Never done any NSFW com's but I'm willing to give them a go if they're pretty vanilla. Prices fluctuate based on complexity; I have a lot more pieces so please feel free to visit my deviantArt (ClockworkCryptid)...
  4. restinglichface

    Looking for a bit of critique

    hey folks! I’m fairly new to drawing furries and also relearning how to do digital art after not really doing it for over a year. I was hoping to get a bit of critique on some of my pieces, maybe just some things I could do to make my art look more dynamic? Thanks in advance!
  5. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Lineless portrait commissions! 8$-12$

    Hey guys! So recently I have been doing a lot of lineless portraits of characters. I love making them and I have decided to make them a commission! 7$ for a headshot! 9$ for a bust! 11$ for a full body My main method in communication is through telegram or Twitter, but talking about...
  6. J

    Free Art: Free commissions for art practice

    Hey fellas, I'm asking all of you for requests of art commissions of your OCs so I can practice my artwork and possibly create an art commissioning name for myself once I've improved enough. I apologize in advance if I absolutely suck, I'm biased to my own art so I wouldn't know how good/bad I...
  7. NoirSaberCat

    Watercolor Digital Painting Service!!

    “Watercolor” Digital painting service! You got a old sketch or lineart lying around? I can painted right up for you! —- I am curious if any artist have lineart or clean sketch but wanted to be painted up by me? I really want to practice on this digital watercolor style and I think to hit two...
  8. Cypher333

    (Commission) Selling: Art and/or Animation Commissions Open $15-$80!

    I draw, color, and animate! Commissions are open, drop by my FurAffinity page and leave me a note to claim. Read my TOS below first before noting me about claiming a commission. Payment ============ -Payment by PayPal only. -Include your PayPal email address in your note when asking for a...
  9. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) 20$ Icons!

    more examples here :sta.sh: icons How to Commission me DM me here or on Discord @ LlCHT#2957 with this form filled out! Feel free to just message me with questions as well ! Character Name: Character Reference: (has to be at least a headshot, no written characters sorry!) PayPal Email:(must...
  10. LexaWalker

    (Commission) Selling: $10 CAD Headshot Commissions!

    Hello everybody! I am offering little headshot commissions! 10 slots available! ♥ ♥ $10 CAD - Paypal only! ♥
  11. NoirSaberCat

    Half off Commissions!

    (Opps! I forgot to set the minimum price to 5 USD. Sorry about that! I will try this again.) I am doing half off commissions this week! I been advertising on Facebook so I should try here. I will not start your commission until sometime this weekend. But once I do, I give out a WIP everyday...
  12. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Telegram stickers and more! Starting at 5$!

    Why hello there! I'm currently up to doing commissions! I mostly specialize in making stickers on telegram, but I also do regular digital art, and even pixel art animations! Telegram stickers These are the prices for telegram stickers! 3 Stickers: 9.50$ (USD) 5 Stickers: 15$ (USD) 10...
  13. TurtleSensei

    (Commission) Selling: Humanoid/Furry - Chibi/Bust - $5 Fullbody - $15

    I do a predominantly Anime style, and if that's not what you're looking for I understand! Thank you for considering me! You can find me on Instagram Turtle Sensei (@turtle.sensei) • Instagram photos and videos Contact me here on Reddit, via email at TurtleSenseiCommissions@Gmail.com you can...
  14. pollomostro

    (Commission) Selling: 15€ 200€+ Pet portraits, hundred of icons

    Prices depend on complexity and deadline. Payment upfront: paypal invoice (preferred) or Pollomostro's Profile - Commiss.io DM me for more info. Vector Images Can do an entire set of 300+ vector images (png provided if needed) starting at 15€ if it's a modification of the set below (for...
  15. knifewolf

    (Commission) Selling: $25 Shaded Bust Commissions

    ♥ Shaded bust commissions are open! ♥ • Any Gender/Species | $25 each • Unlimited Slots • Completion time is 1-2 days DM me here or my Furaffinity to claim a slot! ( knifewolf. ) ^LINK IS NSFW^
  16. Agatheas

    (Commission) Selling: 40$ realistic art

    Hi! I'm having a bit of a rough time and my bank account is at an all time low, so I thought I'd open up some commissions! - I am the best at humanoid art, but I am fine with other animals/anthro's! - I will not do NSFW art - I am not that good at canine/feral art - The payment is either 20$...
  17. AJ Woofless

    AJ's Trusty Glock

    www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark Everything is referenced, I promise, I'm aware of the left hand as well, don't bring it up please, I know what's up with it.
  18. RearmedDreamer

    (Commission) Selling: NOW OFFERING COMMISSIONS - Starting at $10

    GREETERLINGS! I have been told on numerous occasions that I should try my hand at commissions. So I am biting the proverbial bullet... Welp, here it goes! :D All commission info, Terms of Service, and submission guidelines can be found here. Quick points: Please read all the info provided...
  19. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: <◇> Icon Commissions - £15 <◇>

    <{◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇}> Commissions: You want an icon? You have come to the right place. I'm doing digital icons for your characters for £15. If you want one, you can sign this form in for all details and I shall respond any way you can. Or you can message me here. docs.google.com...
  20. Spicy Cheeto

    Sketchbook: I’m new and I use to hate furries

    Hello! I use to be the kid that made fun of furries because that is what everybody else did. I admit it! My older brother had taught me to never take commissions from furries and that furries should be avoided at all costs. Well..... here I am years later Growing up I loved drawing animals and...