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  1. MDarkhaus

    Art group/Art friends?

    Hey guys, I'm new to forums but I am looking for maybe an artist group or something to join, if not just people who are friendly and regularly post art to add here or on FA. I personally like gothic macabre stuff but I get inspiration from everywhere. My FA is mostly lewd nsfw stuff at...
  2. Ruchiel

    Furry digital commission from 8$

    Hello, I would like to offer my services, if you are looking for illustration, reference of your OC of any kind, icon/avatar or just simple sketch... and more. I think I can handle almost every topic. ;) My galleries: Userpage of Ruchiel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net , Ruchiel on DeviantArt Here...
  3. Nadiafur

    [2/3] ▼▼ Nadia's Doodle & Design Shop! ▼▼

    Welcome to Nadia's Doodle&Design Shop! Status ▽ [O P E N] ▽ Welcome to Nadia's! I offer high quality digital work of many styles, specializing in sketchy lines and bold colours. Additionally, I also work with vector and branding design. Whether you are looking for art or for some extra help...
  4. Alkraas

    Can YCH's - Unlimited Slots

    Hi there! I'm selling a Can YCH. It's your character holding onto their favorite drink! Flat: 8€ Shaded: 15€ My Terms of service can be found here: docs.google.com: Alkraas Terms Of Service Please read my TOS before placing an order. I can do any species, any gender. the can may have any...
  5. tofu

    $12 - $40 Colored Commissions! (Also a few adopts)

    ★☆★ everything you need to know is here! ★☆★ some examples: full-body sketches are $20 will look like this, but have flat colors. A full-body like this for minimal shading would be about $30! nicer shading on a full-bodied figure would be $40! here's a nsfw example (however, I don't feel...
  6. Kepidemic

    [OPEN] Detailed Illustrated Commissions from $20

    Hello everyone! My commissions are open and on sale to help with some much needed car repairs! SFW only currently~ Recent Illustration example: Here's my price sheet! The link to the one directly on FA is here: www.furaffinity.net/view/27885728/ Or you can email me at kewins95[at]gmail.com...
  7. SwirlyLion

    Commissions starting at $5!

    Hello everyone! Commissions are open on my end! I would love to do $5 cleaned up sketches of your fursona or OC! Nothing +18 for now please! Feel free to message me at any time! You can also send me a message on my FA as well! Userpage of LionSwirl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Samantha Rose

    NSFW Pieces Starting at 25$

    ~~Aye itsa me Sammii~~ Here to advertise to do some soft or hardcore NSFW pieces. Whatever your little heart desires I'm here to deliver. All pieces of art are custom and pricing varies for each thing i do so its never a set price, I am 100% willing to work with whatever budget to make you some...
  9. little.fox

    $25 Reference Sheets and more! (NSFW and SFW)

    I am doing commissions to help make ends' meet and to get an engagement ring for my partner! Currently, I offer YCH's, reference sheets (see below), line art, full body coloured art, and traditional sketches. I will be adding more examples as I draw them. YCH's: $8-12 for line art that you...
  10. LadyLyreBird

    2D and 3D High Quality Digital Art Commissions

    Hello! I am an experienced artist with a wide range of commission offerings at reasonable prices. I do Digital Painting as well as 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, and rigging. My 3D models can be implemented in games, including Second Life. I can handle any character type, human, anthro...
  11. Skychickens

    Sky's Art Shop — Temp Closed

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping in! I have a wide array of services to offer and am so happy you are here! If you see anything you like, feel free to leave a post or send me a message! I do highly value communication with my commissioners so expect a lot of chatting. ★ I do all my payments...
  12. S

    $25+ Commissions Open!

    Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions! I prefer discord @becca#3664 but if that is not possible then just shoot me a pm on this forum- though it may take longer for me to reply. When it comes to NSFW art I will not draw straight up porn, but extremely suggestive or...
  13. Izaachan

    Chibi Commissions Open!!!

    I am currently opening chibi commissions. If interested feel free to leave a comment or message me on my FA page. If you would like to commission me for something else. I have other commission info you can find here: Other commission Info
  14. thesilvermist


    Closed will open new thread soon. No longer offering pwyw style commissions.
  15. Noberto

    I want new characters for my 3D sculpts

    Hello! I currently have some free time at work, and I enjoy sculpting new stuff while new projects don't show up. As I'm still working to improve my workflow, I wonder if I could find anyone interested in having their characters made in 3D. If you're interested, I can even try to make it 3D...
  16. Silence

    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    Hello! Im opening for a few slots of artwork here! My rules are pretty simple but if need clarification ask! YES monster,alien,feral, robots, wildlife,fantasy,science fiction,pet portraits, sfw, nsfw,most kinks, gore NO rape, crushing,mecha(im not good at it),scat,minors in sexual situations...
  17. Alkraas

    Open For Digital Commissions - 3 Slots

    Alkraas' Commissions --------------------------------------------------------- Hello and welcome! My artist's name is Alkraas and I would like to offer my services! I can draw both, ferals and anthros, my turn around time is usually 2-6 days up to a month maximum! Since I want to draw exactly...
  18. Umai Kitsune


    Little scrapped for cash right now... So I'm thinking of posting a digital NSFW YCH I put together, but I'm not used to the YCH or auction formats yet and want a little feedback. Should it be auction or set price/PWYW with levels? How do I advertise it ? How much would it be (price my work in...
  19. MaraArt

    ★★ Commissions MaraArt Open★★

    New upgrade to the commission sheest, here the details Line Arts 10-15 $ - Size of the pic: 3000 x 2500 px Bust-up: 15$ black and white - 20 $ Color - Size of the pic: 1000 x 1000 px Full-Body: 20$ Black and white - 25$ Plain colors – 30$ Colors with details and shadows - Size of the pic: 3000...
  20. CarouselSluts

    Looking to do art trade!!!! (SFW and NSFW)

    Hello! Call me Cara :p looking to do an art trade with one or more artists! I can draw just about any kind of character, but dragons and bears are def my faves! :p If you're interested please reply with a link back to your work or some examples! :) **The nature of most of my work is fantasy so...