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  1. Mynthprint

    $5-20 commissions

    Hey all, Looking for some work. (NSFW&SFW) I do anything from: sketches ($5) <3character designs<3 (5-10) Busts (5-10) I'll do full images, but I prefer figures to backgrounds, but it's about what you want. :) (10-20) I have no preference on content as long as it's legal. :) SFW sketches...
  2. wiinterfox

    WiinterFox's commissions | OPEN

    Please read the Terms of Service before commissioning me. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - all of the money has to be sent via PayPal in EUR (€) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - more examples can be found in my gallery (deviantART or FurAffinity)! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  3. Korrida

    Ki-Re's Commissions: New Animated Pixel YCH!

    Greetings! Few info's about me. I'm hobbyist artist, which specialises with animal art, mostly felines. I'm able to experiment in some other things, for example anthro and dragons. For futher informations and/or questions, just note me, or contact me via e-mail kireart2@gmail.com :)...
  4. joon994_

    Fort Knox Art Factory (USD / OPEN)

    Hey guys, welcome to the art factory! Shop Rules (NO NSFW. I don't know how to do those anyway.) ------ Prices BG Only ----- EXAMPLES Character : ----- BG Only : ----- If paying by PayPal, please PM/Inbox me your email, and what you wish to be drawn. ----- Links : Tumblr - DA
  5. Jawz


    Offering two types of commissions Chibi and Normal Slots are unlimited, check out my FA for more examples. Userpage of JawzDawg -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I will not respond to messages on here, PM only on FA if interested.
  6. Vermilion

    (Commission) Selling: $10+colored sketches YCH,SFW, & NSFW

    SFW For Single: $10 With Mate: $20 +$5 for extra characters NSFW For Single: $30 With Mate: $50 *Half off the price for uncolored sketches.* Can be negotiable depending on the complexity of fursonas, can be human OC's as well, any sexuality or gender. Can be for any holiday or for...
  7. thedinopharaoh

    Painted Digital Commissions!

    I'm offering chibis, portraits, full illustrations, etc. Price starts at $20 Prices, examples, terms and conditions can all be found on my website: idinopharaoh.wixsite.com: dinopharaoh Thank you!
  8. GHXST

    Commissions! Starting at $10!<33

    Hi hi!! -I'm pretty (very) new to the community but I really want to get my art out there!! (I also need to pay for accommodation for university... but thats just a technicality) So... here we go! -I can't draw NSFW well yet so I won't do that but I can do gore! -If you're not interested in...
  9. Saltamor


    Hi I'm happy to draw any of your characters. You can see my work at this link: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's my price: ➡️Full body - 35$; ➡️Headshot - 25$ ➡️NSFW - 40-50$ ➡️Line - 10$ ➡️+background 10-15$ Telegram: @Saltamor I can draw all that you can wish for :) Do...
  10. pedge

    Commissions OPEN // Pedge Art // Humans, Animals, Robots, and more

    Hi I'm pedge and I like to draw art with a lot of movement in it Capes are A+++ Commissions done through PayPal invoices, once you order art, send me your email and I will send you the invoice. See second post for ToS and my art blog where I post my work because for some reason it won't let me...
  11. Uluri

    PA Artists, Get Your Art Featured in Virtual Reality?

    I hope this is where this post goes. I'm signal boosting for artists to have their artwork featured. Also, let your other PA friends know about this. ^ Please Go HERE for the Gallery Feature^ My friend is hosting an Art Gallery in VR (Virtual Reality), and is looking for Pennsylvania artists...
  12. A

    Artist for hire

    Greetings! I'm an artist devoted to giving people anything they can imagine. Basically, it gives me joy to bring your fantasies to life. However, money also brings me joy, so it goes without saying that there will be a fair price expected in relation to the level of complexity. You can see...
  13. porncutie

    ❤ Cutie's Commissions II NSFW and SFW

    Hello and welcome! Im a quite new furry artist (2months) and I'd like to promote my Commissions here. ❤ porncutie on DeviantArt Userpage of porncutie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net C 0 M M I S S I 0 N - I N F 0 R M AT I 0 N: Pricelist: ❤
  14. Chocolie

    Art commissions \ o /

    Hello, commissions are open ^^ More examples and info here Toyhouse Time frame 1-3 days usually.
  15. H

    [ COMMISSIONS OPEN ] - anthros,monster and more starting at 10 USD

    prices sheet Currently there are 3 available slot open - unclaimed - unclaimed - unclaimed HOW TO CLAIM A SLOT contact me via notes with what you like made and any reference images NOTE all commissions must have a reference available or you claim of a slot will be disregard...
  16. Beaknose

    Limited Time: (Dec.18-Dec.20)| Sketch Commissions-5 slots OPEN!-

    -------- I am open for five (5) sketch commissions starting Dec. 18 through Dec. 20! I will take headshots, busts, and fullbodies as single sketches or as sketch pages. I also will take multiple characters. If you like my work and would like a commission, please do not sign up on this thread...
  17. M

    How to Draw Better Digitally?

    Hello. I've been a traditional artist for a long time and am looking to learn how to draw digitally (like on a laptop). I'm comfortable with a pencil and paper, but I have trouble with a digital stylus, even when tracing over my traditional work. My hand seems to be unsteady since my lines...
  18. CursedFire

    OPEN Commissions and $5 NSFW male YCH

    Price guidelines can be seen above, I am negotiable and can do more than seen above. More examples can be seen in my gallery here Note me through FA or any of the listed sites to commission me. I also AM CURRENTLY OPEN for NSFW images, at my discretion. Commission Slots: 1. 2. 3. I also...

    Digital Coloring Commissions Starting at $10

    Hello everyone, I'm GIGA-XISBASS and I'm currently opened for Digital coloring commissions if anyone is interested. I mainly take payment in the form of gift cards and/or game cards emailed to me as I don't have a fully activated paypal currently. We can discuss what kind of gift card/game card...
  20. E

    Caity's Art Shop

    I decided to re-open commissions so I can save up some money for Christmas this year, and other much-needed expenses (student loan, car repairs, etc). What I Offer: 1. Head Shot - 15$/ea EXAMPLE: 2. Full Body - 25$/ea EXAMPLE: What I Will Draw: 1. Animals 2. Mythical Creatures 3...