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  1. DeadAccount

    Digitigrade Legs

    Does anyone know any ways to get better at drawing digitigrade legs on characters? Or do they have any refs? I kind of stink at it right now ^^;
  2. driftingdragon


    Greetings everyone~ It's Drift coming at you with my most favorite questions. These are merely ice breakers, just because I personally would like to get to know everyone a little better. 1) How long have you been in the fandom? And has that impacted your view on furries? 2) What kinds of legs...
  3. wildwarp555

    Realistic, Toony, half-suit or quad suit - what's your preference?

    Hi all, Curious as to what proportion of owners prefer what sort of fursuit, or even portion of a fursuit people here prefer? I prefer the realistic, digitigrade, full fursuit myself, but I think I'm in the minority. I think I'm even in the minority on these forums as 90% plus seems to be...
  4. Wap

    Plantigrade vs digitigrade

    Hello. What are your opinions on plantigrade vs digitigrade feet? What would your pros and cons for each be? Note: this question only makes sense for animal-like feet, not so much for human-like feet. While i was trying to draw a rabbit or a mouse character (EDIT: and a kangaroo) and i was...
  5. bunnynoah

    Tips on drawing fat on digitigrade legs?

    As the title says, I've been looking for a helpful tutorial on digitigrade legs that also teaches how to distribute fat on them. After a few hours of searching, I was able to find this, but only this: shinxip.deviantart.com: 2016-06-07 Digitigrade Study If anyone can help with this, I would be...
  6. G

    Planti or Digi?

    Title says it all! So.. do you prefer your anthros plantigrade or Digitigrade? Why do you prefer one over the other?
  7. TheRabbitFollower

    Looking for Custom Suit Makers for future projects!

    Link me your commission information on websites, multiple skill levels welcome! I'd like to keep my options open for my next suit commission. I'm especially interested if you are able to do any of the following: Toony Suits Expressive faces / magnetic eyelids. brows, or tongues Kemono suit...
  8. Onni-Greywolf

    looking for Suit maker for Dra-Kun

    Edit: Suit maker has been found and I no longer need one from here. Im looking for a maker for a semi-realistic full suit of my Dra-Kun character. Drake A mix of Dragon and Wolf body types, Tail similar in length to a Dragon but slim and fluffy like a Wolf. Dragon like feet and hands with long...
  9. A

    Custom digitigrade stilts - Looking for designs and help

    Hi everyone. I want to make my first Fursuit (to be more specific order one from local maker) but there is one thing I want but need to make myself which are digitigrade stilts. Yes, I can order them from digilegs.com for 635.11 British Pound (821.77 US Dollar / 732.68 Euro) which is slightly...
  10. meghanmillie

    WANTED Fullsuit

    I'm looking for a couple things. First, a ferret fullsuit with digitigrade. ( milliesketches.deviantart.com: Millie ) There's more pics in my folders. I was looking for quotes under $900. I am under 5ft, 90lbs so material cost should be less than a regular one. I won't be commissioning right...
  11. ice(zachary)

    fursuit commissions

    want a high quality fursuit for you'er lovely ideas well just well you've come to the right person i do accept monthly payments :3 link to price page: shearmantank.deviantart.com: FURSUIT COMMISSION SHEET
  12. JoeStrike

    Would like your opinion on digitigrade vs. plantigrade suits

    I'm writing about suiting for Furry Nation, my book about the fandom and the presence of anthropomorphism in contemporary mainstream society and throughout history - www.furrynation.com I've been in the fandom since the end of the 1980s (you heard that right) so I think I have a pretty good...
  13. PINK!

    Fursuit Shopping

    Hey there. So, I'm new to the forums, but I figured I might as well ask for help from you all. My boyfriend and I are looking to buy some fursuits eventually, full ones. I was wondering what do you all think are the best fursuit makers, and what prices they normally are for a good, quality...