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  1. a sleepy kitty

    What would they bring for Thanksgiving dinner?

    We're all invited to my special Thanksgiving dinner~! What would the person above you bring for such a wonderful feast? A turkey? Corn on the cob? Kibble? Dead mice? Let your imagination run wild!
  2. TyraWadman

    FAF Food Blog

    Seeing as how it was a reoccurring thing on my game thread, here. Have a new home~ Anyone can post here, blocked or otherwise. I won't be subscribing to it! Talk about it. Share pics of it/recipes. Have fun!
  3. TyraWadman

    What should we have for dinner?

    The Game: I'm hungry but don't know what we should get. Help me decide. And yes, even though I'm hungry, we BOTH have to settle on something. I CAN'T just be the only one eating!!! Whomever can get us me to settle on something, wins. (No this isn't me trying to figure out a meal plan. I am...
  4. J

    The Dinner Party

    Whats cooking? Damn that smells good! What are you having for dinner right about now? For me its this sloppy joes with too much of the good stuff, cajun and cayenne. What about you?