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  1. bunnyriri

    Account Registration Disabled

    hiii! i'm a newbie here and i was just wondering how long the account registration has been disabled?? been trying for a couple of days now and nothing @.@ i really wanna become active there and start posting my art :'')
  2. Rocky77

    create new account disabled

    Hy, I hope I'm right here....I've been trying to create a new accound for a few days because you can't change the username ... but every time I try to create a new accound the following message appears what's going on there ?
  3. K

    Introduction post+Commissions

    Hello everybody, my name is Koko, and I'm an artist! I am new to furry art, and to the community, but decided to give it a chance after reading several posts on tumblr about how accepting, positive, and queer-friendly the furry community tends to be. I am a gay man (maybe non-binary, IDK gender...
  4. Elf621

    Disabled and wanting a fursuit/accessories...

    I am disabled (missing the fingers on my right hand from birth) Are there any other disabled furries or fursuiters that I can talk to and/or get advice on my suiter journey from?
  5. crystallinecanine

    Any advice for a disabled furry?

    I'm going to be fursuiting for the first time at a large scale convention, Phoenix ComiCon this year but there's an issue I didn't have to deal with last year. I use forearm crutches to help me walk now and I'm not sure if it's going to be okay to have a fursuit and walking sticks... I already...