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discord community

  1. Raydrawsx

    Any Servers for Furries Interested in Computer Programs?

    Hello, I was wondering if y'all know any Discord servers that is fairly active that both pertain to the furry fandom and astronomy or Blender (program), VR, python programming, or prog-rock? Thank you for your time!
  2. fluidiity

    Paws, Claws, & Scales Community | Furry & furry supporters, friendly, & open!

    ✨ Hey there, Seren here! I am the owner of the Paws, Claws, & Scales Community Discord server, officially re-opened today! ✨ If you're interested in creating a fun space to share art, videos, cosplay/fursuits, memes, or maybe you enjoy gaming, streams, or just want to chill and make friends...
  3. Lyrule

    What's this? A Discord server?

    Yes! A brand new Discord server! It is a co-owned community server, with a lot of cool features. Want to join? Here's the invite link! https://discord.gg/fpmecn6V Look forward to seeing you all. : D
  4. CastingWhisper

    ●▬▬▬๑ The Dragon's Cove Discord Group ๑▬▬▬●

    ●▬▬▬๑ The Dragon's Cove ๑▬▬▬● This is a server dedicated to dragon lovers and those in worship of the Mother Of Dragons. (Me) This server is for all dragon/furry/scalie lovers and those who love friendly communities of scalies, furries and art. We hope to have ever-growing section of artists...
  5. Cres Moon

    Vera's Manor

    Hey there, are you an aeromorph, or a furry, or maybe you're just looking for a group of people to play Halo custom games with. At Vera's Manor you can find all of the above. Aside from rps and art sharing, we also will be holding weekly Halo MCC custom games that anyone can join...
  6. DakmaneArweinydd

    Join Floof Paradise | A safe discord server fur all!

    At Floof Paradise, we aim to provide fully safe for work server revolved around making every furry feel at home and welcomed. Come join today and get a free cookie when you do! Join by clicking here
  7. Vorloren

    STUFFED GULLETS (Fat Fur Discord Server)

    Stuffed Gullets is a furry server dedicated to all things round, rotund and plump belly! A new and fast growing community centered around BBW, Weight Gain and Stuffing~ With neat and organized channels, reaction roles, a gate system, role play channels and a warm welcoming community you will...
  8. SashaBengal

    R.A.W.R. (18+) Discord Server (Replies/Bumps = Server News Updates!)

    March 17, 2020 - GRAND OPENING!! Join R.A.W.R. - Relaxing, Arting, Writing, and Resting! We are an 18+ furry community dedicated to the arts and activities enjoyed by furs all around the world! We pride ourselves on being an inclusive family-type community - love and acceptance are our reason...
  9. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    This will be a group for people over the age of 18 age verification required, it'll be hosted on discord. The station was peaceful and quiet for the most part, only the occasional brawl would break out in the bar. The Ubasa family made sure of that. the hotel was a hot bed for criminal meet...
  10. KD142000

    Come Join the Find Me A Fur Discord server!

    Hey, all! Looking for friends? Looking for love? We got you covered! The Find Me A Fur Discord server welcomes people of all backgrounds! In a personal mission to find everyone a buddy or two, I created the server to help furs the world over connect with each other! To join, simply fill out...
  11. RileyTheLombax

    The Fluffy Palace Discord Server

    Looking for a nice relaxed server to hang out in? Feel free to join! Formally known as OBF, The Fluffy Palace has been completely revamped! -Art Channels -Gaming -General Chat -Contest/Giveaways -NSFW (Age required) -Tons of new roles -Looking for staff currently! Feel free to come join! ^-^...
  12. BunnyBoi93

    New Discord Server

    Hi guys! I'm currently putting together a Discord server (It's still a work in progress so please be patient with me lol) We have the following goodies: *events *contests *limited roles *lots of love and support *and much much more If you would like to join you can! Join the FurryFriends...
  13. FluffyShutterbug

    The Vulpine Aristocracy Discord Server

    I convinced a friend to create a Discord server for foxes. If you're a foxy fur and you want to seek out or strengthen comradery with other foxies, join this server. Each member gets a free t-shirt! (Not really :p ) Remember, though, this server is just for foxes. UPDATE: We've decided to...
  14. Darkmane

    The Roleplayer's Den | A Discord RP Server

    The Roleplayer's Den; full of fun for everyone! We offer fun, exclusive roleplay rooms for everyone. Offering rooms from a coffee shop to a nightclub. We also offer various fetish based rooms for some spiced up roleplay. Willing to see what we're about? Come find out today, fun (and a cookie)...
  15. theWiitch

    The Furry Safehouse : Discord for Furs!

    We invite you to join The Furry Safehouse We aim to be just as inclusive, fun, and helpful as FurAffinity, and the furry community, can be! Here's what you can expect: - Friendly members to hang out and chat with - A safe place to for anyone to join from all walks of life; we are LGBTQIA+...
  16. Freddydanger

    Scenecore / Furrycore Server

    Hello all! I am making a post to advertise my furrycore / scenecore / 2000s webculture discord server. This server's main focuses are helping people with disabilities make friends, and allowing a space for furries and scene kids to create. We love artists and have many channels to advertise...
  17. theWiitch

    New Discord furry server.

    Hey all - saw a thread that was talking about how there weren't any great servers kicking around, so I decided to create one o3o) 9 If you'd like to join, you can follow this link! Join the The Furs Discord Server! Be kind to one another.
  18. Foxex

    Looking for active art Discords

    Hello fellow Furs I'm currently looking for an active discord of Furry artists where I can share my own work, receive feedback, give feedback, participate in potential art-trades or collabs, etc. if any1 knows of any or is apart of one, I would love to join Thanks all.
  19. FatPandaLuke

    Discord Server focused on RP "The Blushing Jackals Inn"

    A newly founded server wanting new members to join in on the fun! We want this to be a place that people can chat and role play to their hearts content and enjoy, so if you're interested, why don't you enter the Blushing Jackals Inn? Message me or reply if you have any questions, or if you'd...
  20. Spitfire110

    New all purpose Furry Discord Server!

    Hi I've just put the finishing touches on my new server. Its not 100% complete yet because i want to shape it to peoples liking, for maximum enjoyment. The Server is not very full right now but I assure you the few members already there are quite friendly. We are an all purpose server, so...