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discord furry server

  1. MaplePurrys

    Discord Servers

    Random question, but what are the best furry discord servers in your opinion? Honestly I'm trying to find chill servers, mostly because the really popular ones are overwhelming at times ^^; and before anyone asks no I don't mind if you send server links through here
  2. Doppelfoxx

    DOPPELFOXX | Friendly Furry/Support/Gaming Server

    Hello! Gabriel Foxx here, co-owner of the server Doppelfoxx, a multinational furry/support server with strong friendship and community in mind - soon to celebrate it's second birthday! We're looking for those that want company, those that want to give company, or absolutely anyone who wants...
  3. Lyrule

    What's this? A Discord server?

    Yes! A brand new Discord server! It is a co-owned community server, with a lot of cool features. Want to join? Here's the invite link! https://discord.gg/fpmecn6V Look forward to seeing you all. : D
  4. Cres Moon

    Sci Fi Fantasy

    Space, the most dangerous frontier ever crossed, the slightest miscalculation in travel could lead to disaster. Pirates, aliens, the mystical forces beyond science all unpredictable in their own right. The year is 3457 four years after the war between the empire and the republic. The galaxy is...
  5. CastingWhisper

    ●▬▬▬๑ The Dragon's Cove Discord Group ๑▬▬▬●

    ●▬▬▬๑ The Dragon's Cove ๑▬▬▬● This is a server dedicated to dragon lovers and those in worship of the Mother Of Dragons. (Me) This server is for all dragon/furry/scalie lovers and those who love friendly communities of scalies, furries and art. We hope to have ever-growing section of artists...
  6. Cres Moon

    Vera's Manor

    Hey there, are you an aeromorph, or a furry, or maybe you're just looking for a group of people to play Halo custom games with. At Vera's Manor you can find all of the above. Aside from rps and art sharing, we also will be holding weekly Halo MCC custom games that anyone can join...
  7. DakmaneArweinydd

    Join Floof Paradise | A safe discord server fur all!

    At Floof Paradise, we aim to provide fully safe for work server revolved around making every furry feel at home and welcomed. Come join today and get a free cookie when you do! Join by clicking here
  8. JonnyTheYellowDragon

    Discord server for autistic furries!

    UPDATE: the server has been deleted, and will not be revived.
  9. Doppelfoxx

    Furry D&D, Among Us, Support Discord Server!

    Hello! Gabriel Foxx here, co-owner of the server Doppelfoxx, a multinational furry/support server with strong friendship and community in mind! We're looking for those that want company, those that want to give company, or absolutely anyone who wants somewhere to hang out and have a good time...
  10. UwUCarlaUwU

    Discord Server For Furries

    join my furry discord! i am just starting out and appreciate some tips and tricks! Join the Tails and Scales Furry Discord Discord Server!
  11. SashaBengal

    R.A.W.R. (18+) Discord Server (Replies/Bumps = Server News Updates!)

    March 17, 2020 - GRAND OPENING!! Join R.A.W.R. - Relaxing, Arting, Writing, and Resting! We are an 18+ furry community dedicated to the arts and activities enjoyed by furs all around the world! We pride ourselves on being an inclusive family-type community - love and acceptance are our reason...
  12. C

    New Discord for closet furries

    I'm pretty nervous about this because I haven't ever done anything like this, but here's the invite link for anybody interested... I'd love to see some people there! <3
  13. Zenkiki

    Come join the new furry server, Fur lair (I am looking for a better name)

    Come join https://discord.gg/8fECGmf it is a small server looking to grow and build connections. Its main purpose is to have an easier time finding people you want to talk with. We have catagories for art, writing, gaming, chatting. RP, whatever else you want we got. If you are interested hop on...
  14. Cres Moon

    Space hotel mafia rp

    This will be a group for people over the age of 18 age verification required, it'll be hosted on discord. The station was peaceful and quiet for the most part, only the occasional brawl would break out in the bar. The Ubasa family made sure of that. the hotel was a hot bed for criminal meet...
  15. Darkmane

    The Roleplayer's Den | A Discord RP Server

    The Roleplayer's Den; full of fun for everyone! We offer fun, exclusive roleplay rooms for everyone. Offering rooms from a coffee shop to a nightclub. We also offer various fetish based rooms for some spiced up roleplay. Willing to see what we're about? Come find out today, fun (and a cookie)...
  16. Cres Moon

    Mature Zombie Rp discord group

    Hello people, I'm looking for people interested in joining an 18 plus rp group on discord. The setting in a parasitic zombie outbreak in San Antonio Texas. If you're interested let me know by either pming me or commenting on here
  17. SpiritualAngelWolf

    Furry Discord Server Thread

    Well, since I really have not been active in these forums, I want to at least get an interactive forum thread up! This thread is dedicated to advertising/linking your furry discord servers here! All furry servers are welcome, as long as they aren't Discord TOS Breaking! Starting this thread...