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discord group for furry artists

  1. Deltaplexity

    Looking for active Artists/Non artist to join our Discord community server!

    Heyo! I just started a new Discord server for not only a person who produces artworks, but anyone with creative talents! I could never find a server for a multi-type artist, so then I created one, so it's kinda like a virtual studio and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :3 It's a community for...
  2. C

    Discord Server

    New furry discord server! NSFW and SFW Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  3. S

    Canadian Furry Discord Server

    A discord server for Canadian Furries. We have various channels including art channels, Gaming channels, etc. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers We are still fairly new, so not many members yet.
  4. Cestrum

    Active Discord servers for chatting?

    Just looking to chat with other friendly furs, maybe make some more friends here. I'm also an artist, but I like general convos and nerding out as much as the next person. Preferably a server that's organized with different channels? And with fair mods? Quick blurbs about me: - Animation...
  5. X

    Furry Artists Discord group

    Just thought I'd try it out. Here's the link Goals of the server: - Help Furry Artists of all skill levels and fans of Furry Art network with one another. - Signal-boost upcoming, unsung and underrated Furry Artists to fans of Furry Artwork. - Help Furry Artists of all skill levels improve...