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discord servers

  1. JonnyTheYellowDragon

    Discord server for autistic furries!

    UPDATE: the server has been deleted, and will not be revived.
  2. vvain

    Furry art discords?

    Would anyone here be interested in an improvement/critique focused server? If yes, I've started one here: Join the Fanged Folk Art Guild Discord Server! I thought people might benefit from a small, supportive community. So there are channels for feedback, trades, inktober, social media sharing...
  3. SpiritualAngelWolf

    Furry Discord Server Thread

    Well, since I really have not been active in these forums, I want to at least get an interactive forum thread up! This thread is dedicated to advertising/linking your furry discord servers here! All furry servers are welcome, as long as they aren't Discord TOS Breaking! Starting this thread...
  4. SpiritualAngelWolf

    Furry Discord Server!

    Are you looking for a smaller furry community with fewer members? Would you like to try something new out? Well then, you are on the right post! I am posting this to advertise a furry community that is small and well centralized. What this furry community has to offer is the following: Great...
  5. Listwindbreaker

    Near 2k Furry server!

    Hello, this is my first time posting here, and this is a good place to post my furry server ad! It's called Furhome, the Pitstop for all furry servers. -Two main chats -International chat -Emotes -Meme and shitposting galore! -Nsfw roles and commands -Side channels for all of your needs and...
  6. Floofy Puggles

    Snuggle Inn discord server

    Heyo peeps, we have a discord server called Snuggle inn. A place where all can hug, cuddle, snuggle, chat and share artwork! Includes: Shitposting antics, memes, games, music, hobbies, NSFW, and art(ists). New: Daily questions and weekly events...