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  1. Horatio Husky

    A Wholesome Farewell!

    I'd like to thank everyone I've come into contact with on this forum, because of this site I was able to connect with clients and write story commissions for them I otherwise would have missed out on. Though it saddens me to see the website go, I look forward to seeing you all on the Discord...
  2. BedsheetWalking


    https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10411624 This implies we have a discord, where is it? The only Discord I know of is my own dumpster fire, but for some reason I don't think that's the right server...
  3. Raydrawsx

    Any Servers for Furries Interested in Computer Programs?

    Hello, I was wondering if y'all know any Discord servers that is fairly active that both pertain to the furry fandom and astronomy or Blender (program), VR, python programming, or prog-rock? Thank you for your time!
  4. lottie

    Looking for nsfw rp !

    Hello I'm here to ask if anyone was up for some NSFW rp ? I'm now to role playing so I'm pretty open to anything ^^ You can rp w me abt anything js as long as its NSFW lol. Add me on discord if you up for it ! Lottie#0519
  5. C

    How to engage deeper with the fandom in spite of social anxiety?

    I've been a part of the fandom for about 6 years now and while I don't mind being a spectator it gets a little lonely not having furry friends. I can deal with posting on forums like this or furry subreddits but I have difficulty handling VRChat and Discord and other, more direct groupings...
  6. B

    DM Group Chat V.S. Discord Server

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section, but here goes. So I have a project I'm planning that would be a private one man show. No mods/admins or public access. I'm thinking that making a server would be unnecessary so I'd rather just add folks to a private group chat on discord instead...
  7. Sodasats20

    Hey uh, I have a discord server under development, but pretty much done

    It’s basically just a fun place to hang out and talk There’s a vent channel, meme, media, not to mention nsfw channels of course No minors are allowed here, you’ll see more in the rules channel Come and have a g a y time! The g a y
  8. BedsheetWalking

    Auction Ending Tomorrow - NSFWish

    Hi im BedsheetWalking, You might know me from the bases I release to the community every Halloween (avalis like me?) , I was homeless for a while but im back online now! Ive been holding kinda-auctions for the last month and a half and I've been really enjoying doing them; they are really fun...
  9. Astrionix

    Looking for 80s-themed Discord server(s)

    I'm trying to look for any furry servers where they talk about 1980s stuff and pop culture and synthwave too. This is optional, but it would be cool if they also talked about cassette futurism or other types of retro futurism.
  10. kingxlink

    Art Trade: New Discord Art Trade Server: multiple traders available!

    Hey you! Looking for a place to trade SFW art with a friendly, active community? Come join Trader King's! yes it's a Trader Joe's joke for those who are wondering, and for those who aren't aware, that's a grocery/bulk buy store in the U.S. We're new and a little on the small side, but that's...
  11. Sodasats20

    Looking for nsfw rp partner, first come first serve

    Basically wanting to just do a smut rp Kinks I’m not okay with: one thing and one thing only: diapers(disgusting) Dm me your discord if interested
  12. Doppelfoxx

    DOPPELFOXX | Friendly Furry/Support/Gaming Server

    Hello! Gabriel Foxx here, co-owner of the server Doppelfoxx, a multinational furry/support server with strong friendship and community in mind - soon to celebrate it's third birthday! We're looking for those that want company, those that want to give company, or absolutely anyone who wants...
  13. sin_bio_wolf

    Gamers & Furs 18+ Community discord server

    hey all, I'm FierySin aka Sin_bio_wolf and I run a community based server over on discord with a group I've come to consider family. We've been running the server for near on four years and it's a small friendly community of just shy 400, more always very welcome to join our family <3 We have...
  14. puppycorn

    18+ Discord Roleplay?

    Hello there! I'm looking to roleplay 1x1; anthro, pokemon, or object ocs; any gender or orientation! I can do SFW or NSFW; we can discuss kinks privately but I'm generally open to most things besides ABDL/scat/watersports. Due to anxiety I prefer to chat a little OOC here and there during the...
  15. G

    casual rp request

    looking to do some chill dnd-esque roleplay. premise is fighting monsters, getting loot, and enjoying some banter. if interested, add me on discord: gentlegiant98#0633
  16. CalahooTheHyena

    Sad thing about me

    One sad thing about me is that I have a group of people in a Discord server against me & anyone I befriend in the furry fandom! :( The owner of the server has a youtube series called Total Paper Island, & my friend’s fursona has sadly been given a bad reputation because of one episode, which...
  17. Brimaku

    Looking for RP (SFW, NSFW or Discord Server)

    Hello there! I'm looking for a partner to RP with, or a Discord server that I can join to talk to and RP with new people. I have two characters I'm comfortable with RPing, one of which is a male hybrid Eastern dragon called Brimras which has a character sheet on my FurAffinity profile...
  18. GambleFur

    Looking for long term gaming community

    Hello, this is probably going to be a much larger post than I intend to, but here it goes. To sum this up before you continue reading, this is what I'm looking for; A European gaming community, small to medium sized in terms of members (not looking for a giant community hub with 1000s of...
  19. Slaynoir

    Free Sketch Requests and Art Trades Are Open! :D

    Hey folks~ Slaynoir here. I'm still looking for more people to give out wonderful art of those whom may be interested! I am a traditional artist, not digital, so I am sort of slow when it comes to art. I do sketches fairly quickly, as well, they're easy and fun to push out ^^ I won't lie...
  20. BogWitchBrew

    Community Chat Groups

    Hello, all. Perhaps there is another topic like this, in which case forgive me, but I've been looking around for community chat groups. Preferably within the Furry realm, but I guess I'm open to anything. This can be on Discord, Telegram, etc. I'm just trying to find social outlets like that...