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  1. Zetsuboupuppet

    Discounted Reference Sheets ($30) (4/4 OPEN)

    I am offering 4 discounted reference sheet slots! I haven't got much anthro commissions in a while and I miss them! At the discounted price of $30, you can get a front view, a back view, written information (Name, Age, Gender, other info) and the color palette. I can work with textual...
  2. bloodlive


    SO HEY I'm living in Japan now, but I got shaky income at best and it never hurts to make some more cash money on the side SO I am opening up All my sweet sweet commissions. Limited slots on EVERYTHING to start with, but if there's interest and if I don't drown in my studies, I'll open up more...
  3. zenmaldita

    Inktober Special Sale - [4/31] Discounted Slots

    I know it's still September. BUTT! I really want to fully accomplish Inktober this year so here's a list of promts I'll be doing for Oct. 2018 You can reserve a slot by 1. Choosing a Style: 2. Comment / PM your preferred style, promt #, your idea with reference photos under spoilers 3...
  4. bloodlive


    Due to several unexpected money sinks I am offering fully colored and shaded waist-up/half-body commission for a flat rate of only 20 USD instead of the usual 35-40! More details for the interested here Limited to 10 slots for now! If you're interested, please send me a note at FA or telegram...
  5. Viiburnum

    *Vii's Commission Shop*

    Hello, hello! I'm happy to announce that I've just opened up my official commission shop! I specialize in digital chibis (human/anthro/feral) and offer my normal style as well as several different YCH options. - - - WILL DRAW: OCs, canon characters, you/your significant other, pets, any gender...
  6. AmethystMare

    Discounted story slots! ABCs of kink!

    ABCs of Kink Good evening lads and ladies! I’m thrilled to announce, after the closure of the Iron Author discounted slots (which did fabulously!) that I am running a new limited series of discounted slots! These offer a 20% discount off my usual rates and I am more than happy to be...
  7. Sassquatchh

    Looking to draw more Furry characters!

    I've been active in the nsfw community for a while, but now I'm looking to expand my furry portfolio. You can view my profile here:Userpage of Sassquatchh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For the first few commissions I will draw the second character for free, so only 75usd for two full body...
  8. Zel_____

    HUGE DISCOUNT on "Anthro" character commissions!

    Hey all! I'm running a promotion on ANTHRO character commissions. Sketches: Normally $30, now $25 Grayscale: Normally $45, now $35 Full Details: Normally $75 and up, now $65 flat Full details and order here: goo.gl: 20 Anthros in 30 Days Promotion If you don't like Googly forms, just send...
  9. Zel_____

    Announcing my "20 Anthros in 30 Days" discount commission special!

    Hey all! A while ago I did a "15 Ferals in 15 Days" special, where I drew a 'feral' or animal creature every day for 15 days. I opened some of the days up as discounted commissions of feral characters, and people seemed to really enjoy the discount and the chance to get their character done...
  10. SaruCharmed

    Limited: $5 avatars! Taking 5

    I'll draw you one non-animated avatar consisting of a headshot of your character + background for $5! Taking five slots!
  11. Paintyneko

    Limited time $5 PayPal Bundle!

    This bundle includes 2 fullbodies and a headshot for only 5 dollars! Comment to claim slot 1. Examples: Emily/15/INFJ/she-her (@paintyneko) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. Squidboner

    Discounted Painterly Scenes ($60) // Only 3 Slots

    Want something different? Check out my full commission lineup Price Guide (NSFW) // ToS Hey guys! I'm doing a quick special on full scenes so that I can fluff up my portfolio. Usually priced $90+, I'm hoping to take on up to three full scene commissions for August. Though I'm open for...
  13. werewolf-kun


    I'm doing a quick sale ! 15% OFF ALL OF MY COMMISSION OPTIONS. That's right, anything at all. Sketches, reference sheets, comic pages, you name it. Here are my PRICES and my EXAMPLES, and just ask for whatever you want and take 15% off the total ! SALE ENDS JULY 3RD ! Please NOTE me or...
  14. Silence

    High Quality Digital Artwork: Kink Discounts

    Hello! Im looking to have more variety in the kink related artwork that I draw, so for the month of Love, I am hosting a discount for these kinks! NO GO NO MATTER WHAT: Rape/Non CON(dub is a 'maybe', ask), crushing, minors in sexual situations, anthro or humans with ferals in sexual situations...
  15. Kelshray

    Valentine commissions discount!

    Hi! Only until February 14! Feral, Furry, Anthro, Human, Fanart and so on! PRICE HERE (google docs) - docs.google.com: Commission price guide of Kelshray Note me in Furraffinity acc - Userpage of kelshray -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. werewolf-kun

    DISCOUNTED Valentine's Couple Commissions

    Discounted Valentine's Couple Commissions ! LIMITED TIME ONLY ! For $30, you can get a two character fullbody image with clean lines, full color, and shading ! This is a great deal, so get it while you can ! You can also decide to get two single-character commissions instead of doing a...
  17. Schneeauge

    Halloween Sale 20% Discount

    Hello Sweethearts! :3 Halloween is right around the corner, it's getting cold and scary. Therefore...: All Halloween/Scary/Dark themed commissions get 20% discount. - SFW and NSFW allowed - no detailed background this time, only flat BG (transparent/textured) or simple BG/(bigger) props -...
  18. iGirgy

    Discount Commissions

    Open iron artist slots with quick turn around time! Click here for more info!
  19. dojero

    Icons on Sale for $7 USD

    Hey there folks! I'm doing discounted Icons from now until July 4th! All Icon types are now $7 instead of the usual $10 or $15. Examples:
  20. PrismaKitty

    Iron Artist Sale! $15+ {SFW & NSFW}

    I can't do the full 100 drawing challenge, because I have other projects and events happening throughout the summer, so I'm going to offer 50 slots to those who want to take advantage of this offer! What am I offering? Pay $15 for one of the following: Flat colored sketch (Only offered...