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  1. LinnyChanPL

    Furries with aphantasia?

    Hi! Some of you may already know me as the artist but may not know this fact. I do suffer from aphantasia, that means I don't see any images in my mind and I don't have the ability to visualise objects in real time either. I found out about that totally by random YT video, few years ago. So...
  2. W

    Strange interests

    So, the first time i heard about furries was watching a documentary about it when i was 8 years old. The first thing i saw this i thought: wtf is that!? What these crazy people have in their heads? At the time i had a kind of contempt of it. After some years , when i was 12 years old i was...
  3. Asher Grey

    If you do art trades-

    ----this is not a thread looking for art trades, or for offering them---- What are things that you guys like or dislike in trades? As forms of etiquette, I suppose. I've done many and they've all been pretty different experiences but, unlike commissions, I don't have a sense of hard Dos and...
  4. Skychickens

    Fursona jobs and hobbies?

    Oh I was just thinking about how many sonas are out there. Sometimes they are really close to their person, and sometimes...they aren’t. Like my sona isn’t an artist at all. They’re a necromancer who spends all their free time experimenting and studying magic. Their job is mostly to guide...
  5. Skychickens

    Almond Milk

    A small discussion keeps popping up over in the games about Almond Milk and it seemed interesting enough to bring it over here. What are your opinions on it? Have you ever tried it? Personally, I love it. I have some trouble digesting a lot of dairy. I grew up with an actual allergy to it and...
  6. Skychickens

    To cute, or not to cute?

    That is the question! Do you prefer something more cute or something less cute? Honestly. I love cute. That’s part of why I love this fandom. It’s so cute. Even when it’s not really supposed to be it just seems so cute. I love the cuteness of it! I love the cute. What do you think?
  7. Skychickens

    Your methods of combating the dreaded Block?

    I’m not going through an artist block at the moment...I’m going through writer’s though. But that’s not really why I wanted to make this thread. I want a place where when you’re all blocked up...you have a place to look at techniques that don’t necessarily say “just keep trying!!!” What I do...
  8. G

    Most cringe-worthy or embarrassing thing you’ve ever done

    woah two threads in one day?? I must be ill or something :V So based on another thread, I thought it would be fun to create a thread where we share our most shameful moments. Maybe you were caught pretending to groom yourself like a cat, or perhaps you decided to sing Friday by Rebecca Black in...
  9. I

    I hate it when......

    The rules are simple. Vent out your daily frustration by sharing something you dislike in this Godforsaken world and let others know they are not alone. I'll start. I hate it when the Wifi is slow when I'm using the forums.
  10. J

    Separate board for location threads

    Ive been seeing alot of these "any (location) furries" threads. Enough so that they ought to be given their own board like the game threads. Could we do that maybe?
  11. ilexdusk

    Things You Wish You Could Do But...

    What are some things you'd do if you had every means to just go do them? Let's say if like the law, money, laws of physics, technology (being not advanced enough).. etc; just wasn't in the way and you could do what you want. ANYTHING. I'd like to travel the world. And eat every possible food...