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  1. Ramiel0912

    Discussion: Should I pay for adspace on the main site?

    Hey folks! Artist here ^^ I was wondering if any of you would recommend buying ad space or if it's a waste of money. I've been searching for information about it, and it seems to be a mixed bag of opinions. Some say it did wonders, while others say that the best way to get engagement is to...
  2. Kope

    Philosophical Discussion (No Politics)

    I’ll start with something I’ve been thinking about recently and that is what are the limits to man’s greed? We always seem to want more and more. What is that breaking point?
  3. Olexava

    What is the difference between a Fursona and an OC?

    Main Question: What distinguishes an OC from a fursona? Introduction: I like to roleplay, which means I run into all sorts of different people. Some like to stick to third-person perspective (like me), others prefer first-person, and some go back and forth it seems. But some appear to operate...
  4. Vishunei

    [M4A] Inquiring/Prowling For A Noir, Crime, Or Drama-based RP.

    Good morning/evening; never thought I'd find myself here. Life does often surprise us, for better or worse. Anyhow, as the title suggests, I'm searching for those interested or fond of these genres. I feel a noir setting would be very suitable/complimentary for my character. I feel themes of...
  5. The Spirit Guardian

    About my black cat sona.

    So, one of the various reasons I decided to go with a black cat was because of how nice they were! Generally, it seems the public has different takes on what seeing a black cat could mean, but I have one prime reason that fueled and finalized my decision. So, where I live is this sleepy little...
  6. JollyCooperation

    Discussion: How to present/sort your writing on FA

    I have been thinking about this issue again and again since I started posting on FA, and I have yet to reach a satisfying conclusion. It all boils down to two big questions: 1): If I want to write and publish both (hardcore) NSFW writing and SFW writing, how do I make it so people browsing my...
  7. sausy1

    What animal traits do you link with personality traits?

    I've always thought that, say... - Horns represent a commanding presence - Tails represent flexibility and adaptability - Fur represents being laid back and calm - Scales represent an unmoving character, whether literally or figuratively - More animalistic arm and leg shapes represent speed and...
  8. sausy1

    What animal traits do you link with certain personality traits?

    I've always thought that, say... - Horns represent a commanding presence - Tails represent flexibility and adaptability - Fur represents being laid back and calm - Scales represent an unmoving character, whether literally or figuratively - More animalistic arm and leg shapes represent speed and...
  9. sausy1

    What is your favorite kind of transformation?

    What is your favorite kind of transformation? I appreciate it when an artist comes up with a creative way for a character to gain limbs. 99.9% of the time, the limb simply bursts out, and while it works, it's kind of boring. I'm a big fan of bug-related transformations where the victim's limbs...
  10. Dreammaker33

    What does your Fursona mean to you?

    Hi, I would like to know if your fursona has a special meaning to you or something similar like that. Please note, there is a minor error in one of the answers. (My fursona means a lot to me but very) Should say, My fursona means a lot to me and is very personal to me that I would not like to...
  11. Yakamaru

    Personal finances: The thread

    Knowing how to handle money is an important aspect to having financial freedom and economical room to maneuver. Long-term planning in particular plays an important if not a vital role in one's financial freedom and well-being. This opening post to this topic won't be excruciatingly long and...
  12. .wav

    Been a while

    So, how's it hanging guys, it's been a while since my last post. I'm not necessarily coming back to the fandom per se, but I have some comic ideas that I feel would interest some aspects of the community and might start posting some concept work here to see what y'all think and to get a bit of...
  13. InfinityZ

    Any furs who have interests in fantasy/spiritual stuff?

    As the title suggests, i've been looking for people who have that kind of interests. Not only on RP, but like in general, as well as having characters with that kind of theme too. Would be nice to have someone to discuss about character/world making around that theme. Sci-fi stuff would also be...
  14. M

    Name Change Implication?

    I'm sure the staff is well aware of this feature wanting to be added in Furaffinity by the community; so are we going to have feature be added somewhat by the end of this year or 2021? It would make social life a lot easier for the community. Here's how: - No more cluttery mess of accounts that...
  15. Katrina Jenkins

    Hydro Roleplay

    Salutations fellow furs, scalies, and other creatures of the internet! I’m here to recruit new members to my Discord group and future server filled gaming community Hydro Roleplay We’re a multimedia and multifaceted safe for work community (mainly furry) with the goal of building a clique and...
  16. J

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute. Have you ever...
  17. Gemi42

    How Do You Deal with Burn Out?

    Hey, have you guys ever had that moment where your just kinda staring down at your favorite medium of personal expression and just wanna do anything else but that? I'm currently in a very art-intensive course for animation and I admit that I feel pretty burnt out after all that I have been...
  18. J

    Bootleg Restaurants

    Has anyone here been to a bootleg restaurant before? If so, what was the experience like?
  19. J

    Simulated Reality Question

    Humanity has officially invented a perfect simulation of reality. The option is given to anyone interested in uploading their consciousness, and - with limitations - they're given influence over their lives. They can create a family that loves them, but they can also do things which causes that...
  20. J

    Complain About Someone (Non-Forum Member)

    An ex of mine once had to get up early for something, so she asked me to wake her up at that time. No matter what I did (shaking her, turning the lights on, whatever), she refused to get up. She then got mad at me later on because I apparently didn't try hard enough. What would you like to...