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dog adoptable

  1. Kunda

    6$ male dog adopts

    I have these kids up for 6$ each On fa ^^ #3 is closed!
  2. devilsroost

    (Adopt/Character) Selling [Auction OPEN SB £30-35 AB £100] CUTE witches

    STRAWBERRY WITCH CAT WITCH **[Auction]** SB - £30 MI - £5 AB - £100 *You will receive a larger HD file of the adoptable once you have won. *extra or alternative outfits can be purchased as an add on for +£20 ----- **[RULES]** *Payment: PayPal [Fee is not included in the cost, I should...
  3. Awushka

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts by Awu ♥ pretty borzoi dogs for 20$ ♥

    Hi! ♥ Sometimes I have a time to draw creatures/animal characters and wanted to share some of them with you! o/ For now I have four borzoi dogs designs Price: 20 USD 1. Albino | eyes: red 2. Caramel | eyes: sky blue 3. Ashen | eyes: yellow 4. Caramel macchiato | eyes: grey If someone...