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  1. Hiff

    Hiff's Plushies, Premades, and Adoptables for sale thread!

    I'm dedicating this thread to any plushies, premades, and adoptables I have for sale! Paypal only, please! Contact me here, or on DA to purchase! For my commissions thread, please check here! Plushies Peryton - $50USD + Shipping Materials: Minky, polyfil fiber, polyfil pellets, safety eyes...
  2. Hiff

    Hiff's Land O' Pointy Snoots and Ears

    Hello! I see you have managed to stumble across my thread! Well, I sure hope you like sighthounds and elves. 8) BASIC INFORMATION I charge $25/h, USD, paypal only. When taking commissions, I estimate how long a piece will take, and will give you a price up front based on that, so don't worry...
  3. drjoshfox

    drjoshox's low price commissions!

    Hey there, I'm Drjoshfox, *or Fox for short* a budding artist and yet another Fox floof! *There really is a ton of us isn't there? ^^" * I provide bright, colourful, and expressive art on the cheap, in a quick, timely manner, and I have a wide variety of different commissions options to choose...
  4. Shadify


    www.furaffinity.net: YIFF YOUR YCH! OPEN until MARCH 13! by Shadify - Please read more information here.) I'm gonna give it a nice shading like on this picture: www.furaffinity.net: YCH:Taking a sperm shower! by Shadify Hurry up, guys!)
  5. Endless Corruption

    Free NSFW Art // My Character x Your Character // Males Wanted!

    Not sure if this would be the right forum for this, but i'm interested in buying art of my character, Felice and having him paired up with somebody else's character. Please let me know if this interest you and maybe answer a few questions to help me decide, although it isn't required~ Species...
  6. SoulEevee

    Canine / Feline YCH :OPEN: 4/4 - by SoulEevee99

    If you want to buy it, please, read the rules: -Only canine/feline character -Payment is via paypal in USD -I'll do proper shading and lineart. -Accessories, clothing can be added. -I start drawing only after the payment. Thanks! Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Evil Gaarinka by SoulEevee99...