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  1. Legbascrossroad

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Pixie and Brutus Inspired Adopts- Auction starting at $30

    Paired Dutch Angel Dragons inspired by Pet_Foolery's Pixie and Brutus comics, link below. Base refs from Angel's Nest, DADs by Ino89777, character interpretations and art by me. Starting Bid: $30 Minimum Increase: $5 Auto-Buy: $200 Will run until 7/21/19 or auto-bought. Pet Foolery...
  2. AmberLupus

    As a furry, what is your opinion on Human Pups and Otherkin?

    I'm not going to talk about it as NSFW as I don't want to violate any terms, just your opinion of them as a whole. I find this to be an interesting topic, as fursonas are sort of a link to animals, but expressed through different ways - what would you define those borders as? or is there an...
  3. foxandchill

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Canine only YCH open (NSFW) | SB $20 | AB $60

    Rules : - Canine only ( Dogs, Wolf, Fox ) - Finished art will be refined with full color and shaded SB : $20 AB : $60 www.furaffinity.net: YCH NSFW Canine only auction by foxandchill Still no bid for now!
  4. nick

    furry jobs?

    hello. I have come to ask a question and learn from you, the community, about a furry I found on Facebook. they are a friend of a friend and I saw their picture with the dog head on and I clicked through to their profile. I discovered that they are a dog furry, and they listed their work as dog...
  5. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Hope I can create a thread for posting some of my digital works. :) This one is for a new webcomic I am doing which is about to come out. The first chapter will be out soon on Tapastic, once university is over with for this summer.
  6. Fertseshoy

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Feral/human hq chars with arts! 20$ each

    Hello! Feel free to PM me and we will discuss all details. I accept payments on paypal only! Corgi adopt: www.furaffinity.net: Corgi adopt - OPEN! by Fertseshoy Price: 20$ I have also set two rules on the character, however I suppose they're quite simple (?): - please inform me about new...
  7. A

    Maveryck's Bully: An old story of mine

    I write on commission, this is one of my more recent stories all in all. Maveryck's Bully was written under commissioner instruction, about his OC getting dominated in a college setting. Its a gay story, bovine male on canine male. Anyway, I still write commissions, contact me if interested?
  8. S

    Doggo unleashed (only in the feilds otherwise I could get hit by a car)

    Hey my names swagasuriusrex, I like long walks on the leash, chasing my tail and scooby snacks. New to the site just looking for some fellow doggys to get to know, maybe grab a quick kibble maybe a cheeky butt sniff or we could go mark our territory. Unpopular opinion but it’s 2019 lets end...
  9. planetaryrings

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 Critter Adopts 6/6 Open! Customs Available

    Hey howdy hey I’m back at it again! Want to advertise these little guys I made! 1 OPEN 2 OPEN 3 OPEN 4 OPEN 5 OPEN 6 OPEN They can be anthro or feral if you adopt them, it’s all Gucci to me each is 15$ first come first serve once purchased, I will give you the transparent full file of...
  10. U

    Eye for an Eye (City Feral Cat/Dog RP)

    EYE FOR AN EYE: EFAE is a literate, sited, realistic and discord based city cat and dog roleplay. There are multiple factions each with their own unique personalities and beliefs and ways of life. Read a little bit about each faction down below! It however is not a requirement that you join a...
  11. samuraiswordz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Batch of 4 - New Adopts [$5 - $10]

    The adopts can also be seen/claimed on FA Prices are in USD PayPal Only A - $10 B - claimed C - $5 D - claimed Comment below to claim! After payment, I'll send you the full sized image for each of the adopts. You're free to name them, and change their design as you wish. If you're using the...
  12. bringo-parrot

    (Commission) Selling: $45 Full-Body Character Commissions!

    Hi everybody! I'm currently offering my commissions for full-body character portraits at $45. They will be shaded and colored and NSFW and SFW are welcome. Here's some examples of my recent stuff! Please email me at goldenfawn123@gmail.com with a character reference and pose idea...
  13. Saige

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Commissions. Please read..

    It has sadly become that time.. My aussie is in need of surgery. She was playing with a bigger dog that we have and apparently things got a little too rough, and she has torn the ACL in her leg. She's completely unable to use her back left leg, and I currently do not have the money to pay for...
  14. dunspork

    all of my recent work!

    this is my first time posting on this forum so please be gentle haha you can find me on furaffinity here! but in the meantime im trying to get more into the community! heres most of my recent art (i havent been drawing anthro stuff recently rip) this is jemma! she's a werewolf and i drew this...
  15. SootTiger

    Characters and Adoptables!

    I have a bunch of characters I no longer use anymore and would love to see them go to good homes. UNDER $20 Akashi on Toyhouse - $5 DJ & KT on Toyhouse - $5 each Huzuni on Toyhouse - $8 Kalona on Toyhouse - $10 Kaiser on Toyhouse - $5 Murrs on Toyhouse - $5 each Pudge on Toyhouse - $10 Shin on...
  16. Kete

    Original Adoptable gryphons

    I made these three original characters and they need new owners. They are 5 euro each, so if you want one, send me a note, or a comment:3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29819344/
  17. B

    game about real dogs and pets

    anyone heard of this underground indie game?
  18. A

    Anyone interested writing gng/gdw nsfw story

    So is here anybody who would be interested writing nsfw story with my white wolf Maxim and Akame from Ginga nagareboshi Gin?
  19. Xitheon

    My daily identity crisis! Yay!

    Someone drew this nice ref sheet for an old fursona I'm thinking of resurrecting... of all the 'sonas I've had, he has the most in common with me. Are dogs too trendy? Worse or better than foxes? (Based on my first greyhound who died a few years ago.)
  20. T

    Want to play with a roman dog? Watch out he has a sword

    If looking for new people to roleplay with, i can do different stuff so just contact me in a conversation or send me your contact details (telegram, discord and such) and ill add you. Full name: Arminus Lucelian Pharsalus Nickname: Pharsalus. Sex/Gender: Male. Sexuality: Bi- slight male...