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  1. S

    Hello out there, feral furry here

    Hi everyone. I've lurked the fandom for a while now, but I'm interested in being more active community wise. As a kid I was a big fan of the Erin Hunter books like Warriors and Survivors, and now as an adult I'm hoping to find some rps along those themes. I've checked around on facebook so far...
  2. silicahowl


    BORZOI AUCTIONS SB $5 - AB $80 !paypal only! ending aug 20th @ 12pm(bst) auction winners will get large high res .png image of their chosen adopt! TO BID HEAD OVER TO FA thank-you! <3
  3. Liz_the_doggo

    Need drawing of sona!

    I’m new here!I have a sona called Liz I want drawings of, NSFW will be Preferred but SFW is also fine. ((Art of character not made by me Any pose will do!Thanks for helping me out! ~Liz the beach dog
  4. Asteroo

    why the when mom keeps saying beep at?

    Hi guy(s), so I've been having problems with my mom this week since I took someone's advice and tried to change her oil, all she does is give me dirty looks and hits and runs me over even more now. I tried calming her down by offering our Cat as a sacrifice (Since the darkest day the small...
  5. frogpng

    1/4 $5 Adopts Open!

    hello! im selling a batch of designs that i doodled on my phone for $5 each via paypal. #3 has been sold already, comment to claim or comment on the original post here #1: open # 2: open #3: closed #4: open thank you for looking!
  6. SnottieOtter

    YCH Yoga on the beach!

    19 hours left, very cheap! YCH Yoga on the beach! - YCH.Commishes BID: 5 USD AB: 12 USD (need money for living, this is why so cheap)
  7. Xuul

    6$ Flat Chibis OPEN

    Hi guys! I need to start saving up for a therapy kitty, so I think I'll start here ♥ This is an example of the chibis I can do! If you want shading it'll be another 1$ and I'll make sure it's good ♥ Flat color backgrounds are free and at this time I do not offer detailed bgs. The above chibi...
  8. ColdSoul

    RP with Phoenix the Borzoi (nsfw)

    Hi, Phoenix is one of my characters, she is a straight female borzoi who is looking to have some fun. She is a hardy but is an easy going tough girl. She likes to play a little hard to get too as she is an ex-military dog. Here are some pics~ www.furaffinity.net: Phoenix Portrait...
  9. CatSprinkles

    Dessert YCH! [OPEN!]

    Hey!! I have 4 open slots for this sweet dessert YCH! Slots are $20, I'm happy to do any species/body type/features etc! Let me know if you want a slot, or you can head on over here and let me know! www.furaffinity.net: DESSERT YCH [OPEN!] by GlitterPineapple Thank you! <3
  10. no no

    [$10 ych] Train trip!

    Sold the other YCH privately, so here comes another~ View slots and rules here! Each slot starts at $10, with autobuy at $50 (not that it'll go that high, surely).
  11. Rant

    If you could be a Dog what kind would you be?

    I see everyone else doing these so why not? What kind of pupper would you be? I'd go with Long hair Chihuahua because they look like lil foxes and live a long time.
  12. R

    Is you’re mate with dogs If your a dog

    do it make sense If I make a story an myfur sona is a dog man??? He is a hybred. Do it make sense? I want ppl to be friend me if so do I should change the story? IDK so tell me if they could mate
  13. Matt the Terrier

    Krypto the Superdog memories/discussion

    Anybody here remember Superdog when it was still a thing? If not or you've never heard of it, I'll post a link to the wikia (and would recommend spending a few minutes on Dailymotion, looking for the episodes if they're still up): krypto.wikia.com: Krypto the Superdog Wiki I just wanted to talk...
  14. maruchanan

    Adopts [open 3/3]

    Set Price: $25 *comment to claim* 1- 2- 3- ✧ USD through paypal only (No echecks). ✧ Payment must be made within 24 hours, I will not hold a design longer than that. *If you ask me to hold a design and then back out/do not pay within 24 hours you will be blacklisted from purchasing designs from...
  15. thehowl

    Newbie - My first completed furry art.

    Hey, New here. I've been posting over on Reddit a bit. Always been interested in the artistic side of the furry fandom but never got into it until now. Haven't drawn for years, let alone digitally, but here's my first furry - Bulldaddy. He's the Pitbull next door you're kinda scared of, but...
  16. haniibee

    Shibe Adopts { 2/2 open } ~~

    i wanted to shiba adopts for the longest so !! please comment or send me a note if you'd like to adopt! TOS ♡ Paypal only - no refunds. ♡ Please give credit when posting to other sites. ♡ Please put a watermark of some kind when posting to prevent stealing. ♡ If sold or given, I'd love to be...
  17. Mosie


    LOOK AT ME! Someone made my sona so perfectly I'm in awe :3 mamasaurus on deviantart is anyone is wondering, I'm so glad she opened these back up!
  18. Kusin

    a dog grrrl for sale!

    Hello everyone! I just made an oc for sale to paid my meds, if you could help me, please check link:www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT (OPEN) by Kusin
  19. Mosie

    Sky Blue Corgi Auction

    Hey peeps! I posted this bud on da first, but he didn't get the love he deserves. Now he's here! Also he's my first digital art piece so maybe people weren't into me experimenting :,D Starting bid is 10 dollars, with the minimum increase being 5 dollars. Auto buyout is 40 dollars. I will only...
  20. Bread Shack

    Chibi Adopts CHEAP AND OPEN $5-$6

    Hey guys! I tried a new style out and made a few adopts. Please consider adopting them! www.furaffinity.net: Chibi Adopts (OPEN) by TheBreadShack Thanks for looking!!