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  1. Blaruu

    $12 head bust commissions! (OPEN 2/5 slots)

    Heya! I'm taking on commissions right now to pay for day to day bits and food! My season work is down right now so I just need a little something to tie me over c: All head busts are at a fixed $12 price! Paypal only pretty please. Further commission information: Commission Info for Blaruu...
  2. D

    Looking for the right personality for this Party Dog

    (party) Dog -- needs a new owner I have all the original pieces (full body suit [never worn] with tail, head attachment [built in fan], foot booties). Plus I added some embellishments (poker hat, cigar, retro custom made sunglasses). Photos show the original costume, and the costume in use...
  3. Sombry

    $20 NSFW YCH - Open

    www.furaffinity.net: Good Boy YCH - Open by babybrass (NSFW) Open YCH for $20 USD (via PayPal)! If bought, your character will be drawn in where the sketch is. The sketch is editable for feline characters as well. For $5 USD extra, you can also buy the dom character- but this is only available...
  4. junkyardprince

    adopts available !

    here are a few adopts i've had stored away for a bit ! none of them are claimed and are ready for the taking ! either comment here or PM me to claim ! red devil // $15 usd feathered dragonness // $20 usd unicorn babe // $15 usd this is a flat sale not and offer to adopt. purple doggo // $20...
  5. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's Art

    Thought I'd start posting here again!! Just a few drawings from the last week c: Will update as I draw more This one has sound and is a SWF file so I can't bring it over here. and this most recent one isn't NSFW but it is suggestive so??
  6. tfrs

    High I'm new here fellow furs

    High I'm new here a I have been a furry fro a while and have created lots of anthro characters and my self have created lots of possible fursonas but have decided to make one that's similar to who I really am as homosexul. My fursona is a cute beagle dog I cant really draw but this is a rough...
  7. DeadBombArt

    Reference Sheets! - 2 slots opened

    Hey there! I am offering custom character reference Sheets. 2 slots only! Everything is drawn by me (no bases). I can work from descriptions to help create a custom reference sheet to your liking. Right now, I am only offering simple color references (like the first sample). Full painted...
  8. Renic

    Fursonas (Documentary)

    Hello, I am Renic, a young furry to the fandom, only been a furry for a few years, never really active in the larger community, never been to an event or convention ect ect ect. Anyway, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the Fursonas documentary. I know it has been out for some time now...
  9. ColdSoul

    Adult ZOOTOPIA story commission hiring! $50

    Hi!! I am looking for someone to write me a commission featuring Bogo from zootopia and my borzoi dog character Phoenix. About 2000-3000 words long and happy to pay $50 for it or less! What someone who is good at writing smut and stuff :D But also respectful and easy to work with. Basic plot...
  10. Naosrain

    Some Art of Mine ^u^

    I will be posting art and WIPs that I have as I have them. I am hoping this can be a place where i can get some critiques so i can keep improving~
  11. Lucky Penny

    My Fursona, Lucky Penny!

    Name: Lucky Penny Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: "Dog" Height: Short Weight: Smol Appearance: - Hair and fur: Cream and brown, floofy - Markings: Spot over her lefthand eye, big spot on back, lil heart shape over her heart - Eye color: Hazel (but they're usually draw as "cartoony" eyes) - Other...
  12. Rant

    Worried about my new dog

    So i now have a 3yo border collie. Shes smart and sweet but for some reason she fears the couch. Like, will not walk past it, stares at it from the other side of the room and even cries when I'm on it. Wtf can I do about this? Shes not afraid of any other piece of furniture we own, just this...
  13. oh-sehet

    Check out my recent entries? :D

    Hello!! ^^ I usually go by ghostbbones but here i use an old name oh-sehet. I'm kind of new here, and I say kind of because i've been here since jan 2015 and pretty inactive since then XDDD so i've just returned and back for good :D MY FA + MY PATREON + MY TUMBLR + MY NSFW BLOG Check out...
  14. Janglle

    Strawberry cat and Cream dog [OPEN]

    Hey hey !! I've just recently started doing adopts and they're both only $20 usd if anyone was interested There's a strawberry cat and cream dog and they're both open rn !! if you wanna claim them just say so in the thread or comment on the art. If you decide to buy both i'll throw in a full...
  15. MaximusLupis

    looking to commission someone for a drawing of my sona.(closed)

    Okay, so The title says most. But there's a bit more I might also contact you in the future for more work related to the same character. I use this sona for a lot of social media and more specifically a youtube channel i'm trying to revitalize with a better "look" Details on this sona. He is a...
  16. LouGarou92

    Very first Attempt at a Fursuit Head! In progress...

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. I'm looking for a little C&C on my very first attempt at a fursuit head, before I get so far I can't fix it! The carving is a little rough, I know. It'll be smoothed out some before adding fur. And if the eyes aren't even, well, I kind of haphazardly stuck the...
  17. Sladin5Ever

    (CLOSED) Irish Setter Drawing for Christmas ($30 budget)

    *EDIT* @iridescentgreen @alekivz @galaxy-meow @solaris91 @SeaGecko @AlienTiamat @Serena Elric @SomeDumbFluff I want to thank ALL of you for sharing your information with me! You are all amazing artists and one day I'd love to commission those I decided not to buy from in the future :) That...
  18. Kitty_39

    furry games (wants and needs in game)

    hey guys im curious as to know what you guys would like to see in a furry game? any ideas would really help me out i know someone who is currently working on creating a furry game with lots of ideas but i would like to help him by getting more ideas of things you guys would like to see in games...
  19. ColdSoul

    Trades Open!! Freelance Illustrator looking to trade!

    Hi peeps I am a freelance illustrator by profession trade and I am currently open for art trades and will trade art for your art or nsfw fanfics. I mostly want work of my character Phoenix (a Borzoi dog soldier) and either partnered with Chief Bogo for zootopia or Kai from Kung fu panda 3. If...
  20. greaserdracula

    $10 YCH Headshot

    get a headshot that looks like this for only 10 bucks! get a headshot of your fursona for only 10 bucks. PAYPAL ONLY : greaserdracula[at]gmail.com DM with ref. Dog/Wolf only please! will change hair to resemble yours!