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  1. Krycifer

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) 1 Commission Slot Open

    Looking to take a full body illustration commission for a flat price of $500, or a bust illustration commission for a flat price of $250. Examples attached. Please DM me if you're interested! I am open to payment plans for $500, but need at least 50% down. Not open to payment plans for $250...
  2. SilverWolf866

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Pink American Eskimo Adopt (OPEN) [$38]

    Set Price: $38 Original Size: 2222 x 2244 (PNG, without background) Paypal only! (USD) All sales are final, no refunds. Once you have claimed a slot I will place you on the list. Once it it your turn, I will send you a note, please have the following ready when asked: References of your...
  3. Wickedtwister

    SKÖPUN - All Canine Discord RP

    The Sixth Chapter of Sköpun's Story has begun. The canines of Sköpun have been forced out of their old home and now dwell upon the mythical land known as Myrkur... It was once thought that the land of Myrkur was a place that animals went after they died. It was believed this because for...
  4. Feralteddy

    Your favorite anthro web comic?

    doggirlsondrugs.the-comic.org: Dog Girls on Drugs I needed a place where I could talk about this comic. Its called Dog Girls on Drugs. As the title mentions yes, it's about anthro dog teenage girls doing drugs, but the art is just amazing and the creator really knows how to capture a mood...
  5. N1TR0F0X

    DOG TF STORY | My Life as a Teenage Canine (Ebook)

    payhip.com: (eBook) My Life as a Teenage Canine Hello fellow furry friends! I am offering my own, breathtaking ebook you may want to read! You may find an interest in it's plot. I, myself, have put together these 15 chapters for you to get lost into a furry canine fantasy! I hope that you will...
  6. BrunoMax895

    V.I.P. Very Importat Pup (My animated series still in development)

    Hey there, guys. I've had account from FA before a while ago and I just recently made a new one, and I enjoy seeing a lot of the art that can be found there. I thought I would make a thread here discussing and sharing the show that I'm currently working called V.I.P. Very Important Pup. It's an...
  7. caelumcanis

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Mawshot $20 | Unlimited slots

    Full colour mawshot with drool, canines only. Coloured background of your choice. Base is by me. Payment by PayPal only Any questions, leave them here or note me on FA! Link here to main page: www.furaffinity.net: YCH MAWSHOT $20 | UNLIMITED SLOTS! by caelumcanis Link to an example...
  8. tinypolecat

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling HQ-canine-characters with ART ($5-$250)

    All characters can be seen here: alfalunatic on Toyhouse Those in "Not Sure" is up for offers, and those in "Selling" have set prices. I will probably haggle, so hmu! I need to make $500.
  9. H

    Sketchbook: Mordy's Gallery

    Here's just some examples that I made. I am a traditional artist and use watercolors and inks. Self-portrait This is the one that got the most views The one that I'm most proud of And here is the fashion magazine that I publish quarterly: Please let me know if you...
  10. Woofloof

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [2/3OPEN] Soldier dogs adopts

    A bunch of Soviet dog soldiers... Because I enjoy dogs and uniforms :D (Just don't take those uniforms as 100% historically acurate ) Each of them is a russian breed! I - Borzoi boi II - Yakutian Laika sold :) III - Okay, that girl is actually a mix of Russian Toy Terrier and some spaniel SB: 8...
  11. C

    Favorite Dog Breeds

    What's up Furaffinity, let's talk about dem gud boiz. Which dog breeds do you like the most and why? Want to share some underrated breeds? Come post here I really really like Dobermans, they are so stylish, imposing and cute at the same time. To put it simply: they are 2 k00l 4 skool...
  12. creepyeevee

    Commissions starting at $5

    Prices: Shaded headshot/bust: $5.00 can be transparent shaded fullbody: $8.00 can be transparent or with a simple bg Shaded fullbody with complex background: $15.00 (extra characters $2.00) --------- Once you order a commission I will show you a sketch, you can change anything at that...
  13. Simo

    Should male dogs have to pay puppy support?

    And no, not as silly as it sounds! And also, not literally. There have been numerous cases where a male dog has scaled a chain-link fence, or even slid open a sliding glass door, or resorted to other such tactics, in order to get at a female in heat. And given that puppies often ensue (or even...
  14. Pogo

    Pogo's Doodles

    Been in the fandom for what feels like a good while. Been happily hopping around browsing pages and thread posts and its been fun interacting with you folk. Here's a small collection of drawings and doodles. I should really thank a few specific people for making my days a bit more enjoyable but...
  15. Hipstersoulgushers


    Hey, I'm needing to get a start with getting commissions online I will sketch you a drawing of an oc or character being cute or really cool!!! for 10$!!!! I will haggle down to 5$ depending on the subject. vvvv Here is some of my work! vvvv if you want something more finished ask me about...
  16. X

    Fursona/Pets: match and clash?

    I feel uneasy when my fursona matches the pets/companion animals I keep. For a while I had a greyhound, and at the time my 'sona was a greyhound. I can't explain it, but it felt weird and wrong. Pretending to be the same species as my pets , I mean. I keep parrots and snakes and I could never...
  17. AppleButt

    Who else rooted for the Cats in "Cats & Dogs?"

    I did! You know, who cares that they wanted complete world domination. CATS!!
  18. IlCrowDeAPrenestina

    Quick sketches B/W, greytones

    Hi! I've a few slots open for quick sketches in B/W and grey tones, like the ones below! 25$ bust 35$ full body I might decide to up the prices if your OC has a lot of details, but we'll discuss it!
  19. SofiMXD

    [20$]animal portrait [Digital] OPEN 2/2

    new type of commission !! digital portrait based on a photo. Type 1: Type 2: only for personal photos. or photos that have Permission from the person who took them. Type 1: natural colors(keeping it realistic and authentic) |20$ Type 2: unnatural colors(+lightning)| 25$ where to find me...
  20. FenaOn

    Hi, i am new in this place

    Hi, i new in this place and my know better nickname is FenaLoves (in other sites).... i like furry because i love Old anthropomorphic animals (specially dogs like Scooby Doo) and admits like all types of furryart :D I like anime, manga; alternative, dance and britpop music (includes a Blur...