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  1. dog-motif

    Hey! Coming out with a new webcomic: Dog Daze!

    [I realize I accidentally put this post in the other comic discussion and I am unsure how to move it so I'll just repost it here, I promise I'm not spamming] I'm just an aspiring webcomic artist. This is my first webcomic and I'm still developing my style. The first panels are done simplistic...
  2. dog-motif

    Hey! Coming out with a new webcomic: Dog Daze!

    I'm just an aspiring webcomic artist. This is my first webcomic and I'm still developing my style. The first panels are done simplistic and sketchy on purpose if it's off putting to you. I'm just looking to share it with the world. If you do read it, please give feedback on the page itself or on...
  3. SamashTommy

    Open! Little starry shop!

    Hi everybody!!!! Nice guy named Boddy wait you! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] New adoptable guy named Bobby by SamashTommy Two candy adoptions for sale! www.furaffinity.net: Two candy adoptions for sale! by SamashTommy Two pretty furrydoogies! www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] 2 adoptable...
  4. werewolf-kun

    Looking for 2 Character Image OR A Badge

    Hello! I am looking to possibly commission something for my girlfriend and I’s anniversary coming up soon. I would really love to either get a piece of her and my characters together, or a badge of her character. My sona is a German Shepherd Dog with fairly simple black and dark grey markings...
  5. NingoDingo

    First Batch of Colored Sketches

    Hey all, I'm new here and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but thought I'd try this out anyway. I want to start doing commissions and thought I might get a little exposure just doing some quick colored sketches. I'm also accepting commissions of more detailed work to use as examples for...
  6. eritated

    $30+ Pet/Animal Portraits (non-anthro)

    $30 pet portraits (or any animal) of this style and detail. I prefer you to email me at ericad8798[at]gmail.com with inquiries. I won't start commissions until I am paid through my paypal Pay Erica Davidson using PayPal.Me Other ways to view my art and support me: Erica Davidson is creating...
  7. Mmaxximum

    Digital Commissions ($15-$70+) Icons, Full Body, Couples

    Hi, I'm Max! I'm new here and I'd love to do some commission work for some good folks. My FA Gallery General Rules and TOS All orders go through my Square store: squareup.com: MaxArt or I can send you an invoice. Note me or email me at mmaxximum13[at]gmail.com to discuss details...
  8. ColdSoul

    $50 commission. 2 characters.

    Hello peeps! I am looking for someone to do a commission, even if it is just a sketch. The commission involves Kai from Kung fu panda 3 and a female dog character (which I designed). I want it to be sexy... but not over the top lol, tasteful you know. I have been hunting all over Furaffinity for...
  9. RoiylTea

    AUCTION: Humanoid Anthro OPEN

    Click Right Here!
  10. Corrupt-Canine

    Your opinion on closed species/species community?

    I know this whole "species" thing is big on DeviantART, but some appeared here on FA. If you don't know what a closed species/species in general, it's where a person creates a creature and adds traits to them, and BAM, you get a species. A lot of them are based on dogs, like 2/3rds of them...
  11. Fertseshoy

    Four characters and adopt on sale!

    Hello everybody! :> I'm selling my characters and adopt: 1. Cute little puppy! 5$ on PayPal. After buying I will give you the reference in full size without the watermark. (Yes, it's my artwork!) 2. Red female dragon. 20$ on PayPal. She has 11 arts of good quality (reference too). I will...
  12. Trishields

    Fifty Percent Off sale all adopts and premades!

    That's right. For this week only, I'm putting all of my premade and adoptable items on sale! This includes more than just adoptables! All of the adopts on this poster are currently available for purchase, as well as a few other items! You can find everything that is 50% off for this week here...
  13. R

    What do you think of our art style?

    Robotic Potato Games here :D We've posted a few times here to get some feedback on our game SHMUP inspired game SpaceCats in Space! In the game, you take command of Princess Angel's feline fleet and battle against the evil dogs of the Grolich Empire. We've been working really hard to make sure...
  14. R

    Would love to know what you guys think of my game?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working with Robotic Potato Studios on the game SpaceCats in Space!It takes dog fighting to a whole new level as you lead Princess Angel’s squadron against the evil K9s of the Grolich empire in this SHMUP inspired game We have worked really hard to make the game...
  15. R

    Indie Furry Games?

    Hey guys. Just joined the forums here, and was wondering if there are any indie games that you guys are looking forward to or into? I am currently working on an indie game called SpaceCats in Space!, which as you probably guessed, is about cats battling in space :D Here's a link to the...