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  1. sin_bio_wolf

    Anyone feel like drawing large dominant woman?

    Just putting this out there, I have two large and very dominant females (Intersex) I'd love to get more art of so if any artists are bored, just want a challenge or to experiment these two are available. https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/sinbiowolf/folder/82576/Adriana...
  2. RalseiTheFLuffyBoy

    No rules Highschool (NSFW, looking for Dom male/female) DM for details! (Still open~)

    The idea is quite lewd and im unsure if i can post it here, so as you read in the title, if you are interested feel free to dm me and i'll get back to you when i can~
  3. Andie

    Discord RP

    I'd like a discord partner to do some 1on1 stuff with. I have a few ideas but I'm really open to anything. I'm down to do SFW or NSFW. I prefer males but females are okay too. I'm a more dominate female so that will more than likely reflect in my RP character.
  4. Amynta

    [NSFW] Dragon Couple Looking for Friends to RP with

    Heya~ Me and my BF are getting a bit lonely, so it would be nice to get someone to RP a bit with and to find new friends. We're very open-minded about kinks and can offer a lot of dom/sub-play. We're both mostly using Discord, but Telegram works too if needed. Just PM me and we can get started...
  5. W

    Looking for a Dom that wants to sub

    Hey there all! I know this is a strange title but I'll get right to it, I've been RPing for a long time and I've had my fair share at being the dom, to a point where I think I understand the ins and outs of it. However, lately, I've been getting tired of desperate subs just wanting paws and...
  6. BadMasterYouJerk

    Looking For Oc Partner~! 18+

    Hi~ I'm Kris and I'm looking for people to rp with! I have two main ocs that I use, ones a big, tough, mean bara Pitbull, the big brother to my other oc, a sweet, frail little Jackrabbit. Alex, the Pitbull, is very protective of his bunny brother, to the point he wont let anyone touch him, and...
  7. T

    Muscle Daddy and His muscle worshipping son

    Looking for an RP partner who can be my muscle daddy whos into muscle growth, inflation, dom/sub, hyper masculine, hyper features, and c-vore. Looking to have a lot of fun with someone whos super open!