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  1. idrawgayboys

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW YCH and Art commissions

    Currently doing a NSFW YCH auction https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46843108/ I'm also taking art commissions as well https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10158487/
  2. S

    Looking for MLP erpers

    I am a submissive only. Looking for somebody that can play a Dom rainbow dash or pinkamena that is coy, flirtatious, devious, and controlling that has dark magic and can brain wash and hypnotize my oc and transform them and tease them. I will play either my Batpony or my unicorn. Not looking for...
  3. J

    NSFW Dom/sub rp

    Im a 21 submissive un collared small Femboy wolf looking for a long-term Dom/sub rp. Im bisexual and interested in most kinks and fetishes. AND if you looking for more then rp id be more then open to the idea after some time chatting and rp. message me at telegram- bvb289698 discord- ZJMT7098#5028
  4. economics bat

    Peckish bat wants to hypnotize you and drink your blood!

    Hey, it's exactly as described! My character is Nyeogmi, the really adorable vampire bat seen in my avatar. (you can see a bigger version here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32964575/) His personality is pretty flexible -- he can be sweet, romantic, grumpy, quietly manipulative, flagrantly...
  5. Etsaru

    May you live in kinky times

    Hello all, today I’m looking for some tf/tg and domination action, preferably with me receiving. Open to pretty much all comers. I typically do semi-para to para to/erp, and I do prefer discord or telegram. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, or if you just wish to know more, drop me a...
  6. S

    Looking for someone to dom a sexual rp male or female

    F-list - Warning is my f list if you are interested to do one, preferably long term please message me over discord or on here. and the character is male.
  7. C

    Looking for an RP

    Hello, this is my first time posting here and would love to seek out literate partners to RP with me. At the moment, I figure to keep my RP ideas in PM but if you’ve ideas of your own then do bring along. I do have an f-list if you’re curious and… at the moment, I’m kinda in the mood of finding...
  8. ZeracVulcanWhiteDragon

    Looking for a romantic and dominant RP partner to play with a cute dragon [NSFW]

    Hi! I’m Zerac! I’m an 18 year old male dragon looking for a wonderful RP partner! I am interested in males and females as well as any Anthro~ I’m interested in all types of bodies (except for hyper/unrealistic body proportions.) Im a submissive dragon who enjoys doing whatever I can to make sure...
  9. Amyntas

    [NSFW] Dragon Couple Looking for Friends to RP with

    Heya~ Me and my BF are getting a bit lonely, so it would be nice to get someone to RP a bit with and to find new friends. We're very open-minded about kinks and can offer a lot of dom/sub-play. We're both mostly using Discord, but Telegram works too if needed. Just PM me and we can get started...
  10. CelestialTear

    Free Art When Shipping!

    [Closed!] Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a bit more notice to another post I had. I'm getting down to the wire and I really wish to ship my chara with someone else. We can ship them as a couple or they could be my sona's pet. I have some art ordered right now but I still havent found someone...
  11. B

    Cuntboy for Male RP on Telegram (M/M, NSFW Oriented)

    I am looking for a long term roleplay partner who is interested in semi-daily/weekly roleplay back and forth on Telegram, since I don't have consistent access here to FurAffinity anymore. I am interested in a variety of kinks, and it can be story driven if you prefer. Here are my primary...
  12. T

    LF: Male Dom (NSFW)

    Looking for someone to engage in a private RP via Telegram preferably, but I'm open for other suggestions. Message me for details - only restraint is you must be over 18, be happy to play as a male, and Ben comfortable with BDSM subjects!