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  1. Drag0n-PrincesS

    Sketch and loose painting commissions ($ 5-55 usd) *updated nov-dec 2022

    Greetings everyone, haven't used this place as much as I'd like, but hey there's always an opportunity! Right now I have decided to open commissions because the computer I own is a bit of big time potat, in fact it ain't even mine, I only have one working tablet to my name. But I am willing to...
  2. connortheskunk

    What is your talent?

    BetaEtaDelota, a "furry" YouTuber, recently created a video arguing that one of the reasons that people hate furries is because people think we're just a bunch of people who look at yiff all day *shiftyeyes* and are talentless. He wanted to showcase other furry YouTuber's talents to show that...