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doodle page

  1. DerpyDooReviews

    Doing some doodles to practice

    I know this sort of thing tends to attract a lot of attention so I'm going say right away that I won't be able to get through everyone. Please don't be upset if I don't get around to drawing your idea. I want to practice poses and angles, from SFW to NSFW anything helps. If you are going to...
  2. impendingsenseofdoom

    B&W Doodle Page for $20!

    Due to everything going on right now I wanted to offer another special. Black and White doodle pages for $20! This means 4 to 5 fullbody doodles of you character, your choice of pose/clothing/expression/style. These will all be done traditionally (pencil and black ink) The examples I have are...
  3. twocue

    Cue's Commissions

    Hey everyone! I'm taking commissions again and thought I'd advertise a bit. I'll post my commission sheet here, but you could also check my prices out here and there's also a commission form on there :D! (And if you are interested in catching some PWYW live streams you can check out my Picarto...
  4. sky665

    Doodle Page Commissions $20

    Open for Doodle page commissions! Please contact me at skylee_kay@yahoo.com for fast reply. Can also be contacted via FA/DA/Tumblr at sky665 $20 for traditional doodle page commissions. They can include up to two characters, and then it's an $5 additional per character for the same doodle page...