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  1. Sinamuna

    Sketchbook: WIPs of my new persona redesign for 2022!

    Her name is Mew! <3 I adore her so far. What do you think?
  2. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    *Nervous inhale* (this post has been sitting for days) So.. Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm having the guts to finally publish some of my artworks, aimed to improve my skills, get advice (if you have any, of course :3) and in general work towards my goals to become a full time artist, making...
  3. A1tar

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Kinktober commissions!($50)

    Hello, my dears. This month is kinkctober and I would like to take one slot for each topic. I will draw in approximately this style (examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43981805/ & https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36485238/ ), so that I can quickly make each order^^ Price: 50usd for one...
  4. Hikarty

    Free Art: Free doodles - sort of raffle-ish?

    Hello! I'm quite new? new-ish? here and I'd like to start getting a little more involved with the community and draw more furry art since I rarely get the chance in my usual works/sites! I'm doing some small free doodles, the info is in this journal :) www.furaffinity.net: Free doodles - Sort...
  5. Liseran Thistle

    New Shark girl

    Okay so I was messing around on Firealpaca doodling random things, when i started to doodle this sort of goofy looking fish girl (?) And I really liked how weird she looked, so I decided to draw her some more! www.furaffinity.net: Nessie doodle by LiseranThistle I think I will draw more...
  6. K1ND

    (Commission) Selling: $20 USD Each Critter Commissions +$5 for phone backgrounds!

    Hello all! K1ND here, I am opening up some fall/winter commissions! I’m offering doodle commissions of animals/ferals/creatures/monsters. Each doodle will be fullbody and transparent (.png)! Extras: I can make phone/tablet backgrounds out of an animal for an extra $5! I also have a...
  7. Chairae

    (Commission) Selling: Sketchpage auction | Starting at 5 usd

    Open the picture and bid in the comments Leaving the link here just in case: www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) Sketchpage auction by Chairae
  8. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Feral Doodles (CLOSED)

    Three slots open, first come first serve! I wanna practice ferals, so link me your references. They'll just be simple sketch doodles, but practice makes perfect!
  9. polared

    Critique: input?

    okay, so i really want to open commissions on the forum, but i'm not too certain whether or not people would be interested in my art or not u.u i'd appreciate some input. i unfortunately only have three examples because i recently moved computers and couldn't transfer the files from my old one...
  10. howyummy

    (Commission) Selling: sketches, busts $15 for humans, $20 for furries

    gonna get straight to the point. im tired of working slow (aka linearting) so bc of that, i get underpaid. i wanna stop caring about being perfect. so to remedy that, im opening up sketches. no shade. no transparency. just a solid colored background. it will generally be sized at 1280px by...
  11. demialien

    What do you think of my doodles?

    So I'm giving furry art a try for the first time, and I found it is actually really fun to do since I like drawing fluff So do you think I could sell sketches or maybe clean version of these? What do you think about the style? I still have to work on the anatomy, I just managed to do some doodles
  12. AoiAiron

    Fighting against cancer, you get a sketch for your donation!

    Hello world! :) I'm raising money for my best friend's father, who was diagnosed with Gastric Adenocarcinoma (Cancer), he underwent surgery, had his entire stomach removed and he’s in need of radiotherapy and chemotherapy as soon as possible. Unfortunately due to our situation in our country...
  13. Nadiafur

    [2/3] ▼▼ Nadia's Doodle & Design Shop! ▼▼

    Welcome to Nadia's Doodle&Design Shop! Status ▽ [O P E N] ▽ Welcome to Nadia's! I offer high quality digital work of many styles, specializing in sketchy lines and bold colours. Additionally, I also work with vector and branding design. Whether you are looking for art or for some extra help...
  14. Bumcchi

    Custom Derpy Pet Portraits [5.50 USD]

    Heya! I'll be doing commissions like these: 5.50 USD each! [PAYPAL ONLY] More examples on derpypetstickers.tumblr.com: I draw your pets! You'll receive the transparent, full resolution image. It comes with a white border, like a sticker, but if you want it removed just let me know...
  15. TheRabbitFollower

    $5 Animal Crossing Style Commissions

    I felt like doodling tonight, so I’m just going to do a batch of these. Send me five dollars, and I’ll draw your fursona in the Animal Crossing style. Send me a message with your character, and I’ll give you my PayPal info. Final drawings will be done in Bristol, so they’ll be a lot cleaner...
  16. Aqua-Spirit22

    Cute doodles for 5-12€ !

    Hello, I'm Abby and I'm currently offering to draw colored+shaded doodles of your characters! I can draw human, humanoids, dragons, anthro/furry, some animals and other creatures, feel free to ask. I am good with drawing small wounds/blood but I won't be doing NSFW :) I can do up to 2-3...
  17. pedge

    Commissions OPEN // Pedge Art // Humans, Animals, Robots, and more

    Hi I'm pedge and I like to draw art with a lot of movement in it Capes are A+++ Commissions done through PayPal invoices, once you order art, send me your email and I will send you the invoice. See second post for ToS and my art blog where I post my work because for some reason it won't let me...
  18. Kebechet

    Silv draws something every day- 2018

    It's a new year! So I've decided to draw something every day to make myself a better artist. If it's SFW, it'll show up here. If not, it'll be in my gallery if you want to follow along. Here's the first doodle of the year. Not sure if I'll be taking it any farther than this or not.
  19. FireWOLF-007

    Looking for a few Trades for my OC

    Hey there, new here. I'm currently looking for a few Art-Trades for my OC Sara: I'm looking someone who can turn her into a Golden Retriever Antrho girl. the body should be a bit rough (as in the example) but not fat and the snout should be small. I have experience with Antrhos so I can take...
  20. Crimson_Mutant

    Looking for RP Frens.

    So I never much RP but I never much find people I enjoy doing it with. I draw my RPs often and stuff and am kinda hoping to make some friends and maybe ship some characters. Since I have a bunch. This is more a casual thread so comment at you liesure.