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  1. Haighti

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Furry Art Comms open!

    Opening up 5 furry comm slots! Prices & examples provided in the sheet posted. <3 I'm open to drawing most species! I can also do people/animals but the prices may vary, but still ask away if interested! I accept payment through most pay services, I'll try to accommodate for whatever works for...
  2. DerpyDooReviews

    Doing some doodles to practice

    I know this sort of thing tends to attract a lot of attention so I'm going say right away that I won't be able to get through everyone. Please don't be upset if I don't get around to drawing your idea. I want to practice poses and angles, from SFW to NSFW anything helps. If you are going to...
  3. impendingsenseofdoom

    B&W Doodle Page for $20!

    Due to everything going on right now I wanted to offer another special. Black and White doodle pages for $20! This means 4 to 5 fullbody doodles of you character, your choice of pose/clothing/expression/style. These will all be done traditionally (pencil and black ink) The examples I have are...
  4. Pogo

    Art Trade: Open trade.

    Hello. The names pogo. I tend to doodle now and then and every so often i like to exchange these drawings for something. Anything really. If you want to exchange drawings then let do it. Dont want to draw? Well im open for negotations. At the end of the day this is just another way of...
  5. Ringebell

    Free Art: Marker Head Shots (closed)

    I'm incredibly motivated to work with my markers, so everyone who comments while this thread is open will get a marker doodle. Rules: please put your reference in a spoiler [!spoiler][/spoiler] so I can navigate faster give me an expression or emotion my markers are pretty bad and can't do...
  6. teacozy1

    New year means new doodles~!

    Thats right folks I'm going to be doing some doodles once more~! Doodle examples:
  7. Khei

    Free Art: Free scribbles (Closed)

    So I have amigurumi commissions to do but I can't get supplies until my funds from PayPal actually hit the bank. Today is not that day so I will be at the park with my son with nothing better to do.. Likely not FCFS will be whatever sparks my muse at the time so toss me some characters and...
  8. kart0ffel1

    Free Art: Give me folks to draw! (Closed)

    Hey there! I just want to loosen up and draw a bit. I’ve been drawing/painting for years but have always wanted to break into drawing more anthro characters but...I don’t know who to draw but want to get some practice in lmaooo So throw me some folks and let’s see what happens! These will more...
  9. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art: Just Some Doodles (CLOSED)

    Three open slots, first come first serve. Nothing too complicated, please. :) I'll post them here, but don't be afraid to check out my FA: AzureKiteUsagi I'll try to finish the doodles asap.
  10. TheRabbitFollower

    Pay What You Want Requests

    Yes, you don't have to give me anything, but any kind of payment is guaranteed a drawing. All the information is here: Forum: Ink-Flavored Requests! | DeviantArt
  11. AzurGhost

    New Here 10 Slots [SFW and NSFW] - CLOSED

    Hey I'm new on the scene and I wanna both get some more practice in and maybe get a few people to know me out here. This helps both my birds get stoned, so here I am! I'm still trying to get a hang of this site so any tips or tricks you guys have for me will be leagues of help. Heres my...
  12. poisonfang

    I'm new! ✧Taking requests✧

    hi, so i'm new in town! i've taken commissions and stuff in other websites before, but i'm still getting to know fa and how things work around here. i thought i'd do some free drawings to get to know people and figure things out. please leave your requests and i'll try to get to them over the...
  13. coldbrew

    I WANT SKETCHES (like, you want sketches, right?)

    EDIT: Hey guys! I’d love to have a gauge at prices, so I’d appreciate it if you took the poll above and lemme know how much you think the sketches are worth. Or well, how much they’ll sell for. I’ve compiled the completed art below and will continue doing so till the thread is done for. In the...
  14. Pogo

    Pogo's Doodles

    Been in the fandom for what feels like a good while. Been happily hopping around browsing pages and thread posts and its been fun interacting with you folk. Here's a small collection of drawings and doodles. I should really thank a few specific people for making my days a bit more enjoyable but...
  15. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline!] -- Percy (D)raws- (D)oodle Book

    Ahoy. =u=/ My name is P.D. I've been drawing since the early 2000's. However, around 2012, life happened and I stopped drawing (as) much. Now life is starting to settle back out again for me and I am drawing again! I am mainly a digital artist, since I am not stable enough for natural mediums...
  16. Oottsel

    Cheap Doodles

    Idk if y'all would be interested, but I'm opening up 10 slots for cheap little experimental doodles? I was injured at work last year, still injured and Dr. isn't doing much, been unable to find a job, and making myself sick because there are times where I go 3-4 days without eating anything. So...
  17. PanofScience

    Want to do a Draw the Squad

    But alas, I have no squad to draw. Send me a character you'd like added to the squad and a bit about them and I'll pick some at random.
  18. frizzled

    Doodle your OCs (SFW only)

    Low-stakes doodles happening (no promises or guarantees) Examples of my sketchy stuff
  19. TheRabbitFollower

    $5 Animal Crossing Style Commissions

    I felt like doodling tonight, so I’m just going to do a batch of these. Send me five dollars, and I’ll draw your fursona in the Animal Crossing style. Send me a message with your character, and I’ll give you my PayPal info. Final drawings will be done in Bristol, so they’ll be a lot cleaner...
  20. FireWOLF-007

    Looking for a few Trades for my OC

    Hey there, new here. I'm currently looking for a few Art-Trades for my OC Sara: I'm looking someone who can turn her into a Golden Retriever Antrho girl. the body should be a bit rough (as in the example) but not fat and the snout should be small. I have experience with Antrhos so I can take...