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  1. Gem-Wolf

    Main Site FA main site down?

    I can't seem to access the main site via any device or web browser. I get an error code. Has the site gone down and if so, was it planned or have we been DDoS'd again?
  2. dogryme6

    Main Site So, about FurAffinity...

    It's been down for a while now. The coding in it isn't that great. If it's gotten itself into corrupted loops, who's to say it won't do it again? Sure, the site staff and admins are trying their best to resolve the issue, at least of it being down. But it doesn't seem like it really takes much...
  3. still_human1020

    Pounced down, what's left?

    i wasn't even aware of the entire awful, evil bullshit law that's causing so many dating sites to be shut down until it was too late to even get my messages again(I'm not even out of the loop, I thought! I get swamped with all kindsa petitions, and emails about current legal nonsense going on...