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  1. W

    Main Site Possible to access d.facdn links via Modern design?

    If I switch to Classic and hit download I can access the full size image fine, but that button only downloads directly if I'm on the modern design. EDIT: It *used* to be that way as early as yesterday, but now it brings me to the cdn even when I'm on modern. Might want to lock the thread...
  2. J

    Removal of 1 click download

    Seems like the devs removed this new quality of life feature. Imo it s a big step backwards for people DL several artworks once. Were too many comlpaining about the new feature or why was it rolled back?
  3. M

    Getting temporary '403 Forbidden' error on the download link

    I don't know what is happening. I keep getting random '403 Forbidden' errors on the image download links on FA (the URL you get when you click the download button underneath an image). I'm trying to add a bunch of someone's TF art to an imgur album so I can post it elsewhere, i.e. a discord TF...
  4. TranshumanOtter

    FA download tool

    Hello all, I've written an automated download tool in shell language, specifically using ZShell as it has some extra functions that really help and made for Linux (Mac too I guess since you can get zsh onto them). The tool works perfectly as I've tested it on a small scale with my gallery and...
  5. Nova25

    This is not a valid PNG. - Downloaded pictures

    Not sure, if someone you can solve this strange mystery... Every pictures that I 'download' from *some* artists, that are specifically in the *.png format, if I try to open them on my computer it always tells me ''This is not a valid PNG file.'' If I rename the extension to *.jpg , everything...