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  1. kekreationsart

    Dark fantasy dragon webcomic!

    Hi all! Wanted to share my webcomic about an endangered race of dragon shapeshifters and how they cope and survive being hunted by humans :) Read it here! GlobalComix: https://globalcomix.com/c/tears-of-a-dragon Webtoon: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/tears-of-a-dragon/list?title_no=733876
  2. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: $35 Reference Sheets and Adopts Starting at $5

    I'm still open for $35 mood board ref sheets! SOLD SOLD
  3. D

    Interest Gauge: Audio Story Project

    Hello All! So I personally love story-telling. I love writing, voice acting, audio editing and the like. I've taught myself a bit about these different fields and while I am far from perfect or professional, I still really like doing it. I've always wanted to join a sort of project where I...
  4. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Oc couple request

    Heya I search someone who can do a nsfw or sfw couple. If nsfw, I would like you do something around feet and vore (anal vore with boots/feet pushing) Here are the ocs, they are all males. Beld Rodinia: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43182014/ Tunor Rigel...
  5. C

    (xpost) Silvanya and Arelle - (incomplete) story of dragon women and a bath. What do you think?

    Note: This has been posted in the writing subsection as well. Hello to all. I am currently working on a short story involving two half dragon characters named Silvanya and Arelle. There isn't a whole lot to the story, in truth. It's just a cute piece about the two of them taking a bath...
  6. C

    Silvanya and Arelle - (incomplete) story of dragon women and a bath. What do you think?

    Hello to all. I am currently working on a short story involving two half dragon characters named Silvanya and Arelle. There isn't a whole lot to the story, in truth. It's just a cute piece about the two of them taking a bath together. It is NSFW and meant to be sexual. I wasn't intending to post...
  7. Hitaka5Ever

    Need help with dragons

    Hello, a bit of a backstory. For 2020, I learned to draw cats. Well for 2021, I would like to learn to draw dragons and I could use some help finding good references. Right now, I want to learn how to draw bodies that twist around to make a loop effect. I figured the best way to get reference...
  8. whoopsie-daisie

    I want a pet dragon

    All my life I have fantasied about have a pet dragon that I can ride on its back as we fly around the world. I love dragons and how powerful and beautiful they are. But, sadly dragons aren't that common IRL. When I move out of my parent's house, I would like to get a pet of my own, without...
  9. Giana36

    How effective would most energy weapons be on dragons and sergals?

    How would they fare overall? Examples of such weapons: Discuss.
  10. Moonbeau

    Hiring: LF: Dragons, DragonxHuman, HumanxHuman, SFW/NSFW ($5-100)

    Hello there. You may call me Moon upon interactions from now on! I'm new around here but I'm looking for things awfully specific to my ocs in question. I have a few OCs where I'd like to give them more art to expand their AU, as I love writing about their lore. Some context info, I have a...
  11. socksmuggler

    (Commission) Selling: ParfaitWyrm's Commissions! [$5-$60+]

    Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my commission sheet--- here, I'll list examples for everything I'm offering right now and give some examples, and list out my current list of work, so you'll know what sort of wait you're expecting when you place an order. Orders can be placed directly in this...
  12. InkkEmulsion

    (Commission) Selling: Inkk's Mecha & Monsters (and fursonas) one stop design shop ($5 - $150)

    Corvid's fantasy and scifi art shop Commissions being accepted currently?: Yes (and tumblr) Hello there! I currently am in need of funds to help with university living costs, and have 4 slots open currently. I specialise in mecha, monsters and fursonas but I also draw D&D things...
  13. Shahf the Wolfo

    Thoughts on Spyro Reignited Trilogy?

    I'm currently playing it on PC though was playing it on Playstation as a child. Having a blast! Saving all the precious dergun eggies.
  14. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 5 to 18 Dollars Commission

    Hii!! So I am opening some cheap commissions from 5 dollars to 18 I will show the examples below <3 Since I am starting this for the first time, I am keeping it as basic and cheap as possible. I can do NSFW, Gore, More poses, From the sides. Anthro, Animals, Dragons etcs. These are just head...
  15. mmuted

    (Commission) Selling: Dragon Busts - 10 Slots (15$)

    Hey folks! Kind of new to the community but I need to get my name out a little so I'm advertising my sale here too. To keep things tidy, please post your comments/claims on my original post in my gallery. Thank you for your time!
  16. CelestialblueShark


    I HONESTLY have no idea how I am starting this or how I have the guts to actually do this but- Hii!! I am...well new here! Basically, I am here to just well say hi, MAKR FRIENDS and see art and improve with my art ;u; So My name is Mónica, I am a Portuguese artist my star sign is Pisces and...
  17. S

    Dragon/Reptilian commissions! No anthro, starting at $5

    Hi! I'm new to FA, and would like to open commissions here as I have on some other platforms. Dragon/reptilian ref sheets: $10 4 pose sketches, rougher than the line art: $5 My DA: SilverNight290 | DeviantArt ^Visit here to find more examples of my art^ PayPal: paypal.me/silvernight290
  18. Eterna3

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions Open: Sketches to Full Color and Shading ($10 to $65)

    Hello! I'm new to this site and am opening up commissions for the first time. I will do sketches, simple shading, flat color, and paintings. Any of them can be either torso up or full body, with the price for a sketch starting at $10 and a full body painting starting at $65. Only simple...
  19. Baphomeow

    ISO sexy anthro dragons, dracats, etc. Budget is $55

    Heya, I'm having a heck of a time finding an adopt in a color scheme I like so I was wondering if anyone had any OCs, adopts, or custom adopts that fit some of these themes: Budget is $50 Horns, wings Multiple tails Galaxy/night/twilight palettes Sexy females or herms Dragons, dracats...
  20. MaetheDragon

    Request: I Have Character Ideas Aplenty! (Primarily scalies, dergs and birds)

    I got inspired by another user in this forum section to make a thread where you can draw all sorts of characters! I have plenty of ideas for scalies, dragons, and birds both natural and mythical! Anthro or feral, hybrids and centaurs, digi or plantigrade, the occasional furred species, I have...