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  1. Magicka~

    What would make my sona cuter?

    I'm all for Kubu looking cute, but I also like to juxtapose their charm with punkish or sinister items (e.g. the spiked collar and shoe spikes). Kubu doesn't wear much and has an overall simple design. I know something can be added or revised! All help much appreciated! ヽ(#◠∀◠)ノ ❤ ⭐~~⭐
  2. Magicka~

    Ask Me Anything~! ⭐

    Absolutely anything! A little risque? Sure, why not. oωo My "dragonsona" is fresh out of the page, and I need your help to create ✨ lore ✨ for my Q&A! So, ask away, fellas~ ◡ω◡ ~~
  3. BunnyBoi93

    Art Trade: Dragon-Sona anyone?

    Hi there! I'm looking to have a dragon I own turned into a Fursona/Anthro. I would love to do a trade, since I'm Sami decent with most mammal fursona's I just can't seem to get a hang of dragons. My Most Recent Artwork: My Dragon:
  4. Banjo Saturnus

    SFW Dragon RP

    Hey y'all, I'm looking do some sfw dragon RP. I have a world idea in mind that I'd really like to try. Dragons in this context are spiritual guardians of the human world, particularly of children. It kind of fits in to the Rise of the Guardians type role. Anyway I think it'd be kind of fun...
  5. lochsnesmonster

    Tessie's Art Pile

    Just felt like posting my art of my oc's more places Tessie is on the left, Elise is on the right, they're girlfriends <3 Tessie is a soft butch nerd who likes video games and warm sweaters and is rather happy go lucky and somewhat clumsy. And Elise is a goth femme who enjoys fashion and...
  6. gothboy420


    Hey all you fantasy and dragon sonas, show me your characters! I'd love a lovely thread of fantasy characters and such!
  7. markusblade21

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I have something in mind for a fursona/scalesona, but I find myself stonewalled when it comes to creating something unique. I've tried coming up with different color/aesthetic combos only to find that someone else has already thought of it. I've tried hybridizing different creations only to...
  8. L

    "Mom..?" Dooooooodle.

    What do you think? It took me one hour , I came up with this because today I was going to visit the city of my birth xD
  9. neocmiri

    Looking for an RP

    Ok, so I really want to RP with someone who has a dragoness. To make it fair, it'd be private and done through private messages, because of the chance of mature themes, which apparently are against forum rules. I'm somewhat familiar with RPs, as such I don't need to be guided as to what to do...
  10. that_redneck_guy


    Hello! I've actually been on FA for over a year now and just now realized there's a community forum. I'm a 22 year old, male, silver dragon wanting to get more involved in the community. I'm an avid outdoorsman, apprentice blacksmith, leather worker, wood worker, farmer, and aspiring writer and...
  11. G

    Help! Lost Fursona! If found, please contact owner<3

    Name: Grimruine Alchemical Age: 237 Sex: M Species: Dragon (Unknown Origin, but looks Similar to that of Ukrainian) Height: 65 ft 3 in (65'3") Weight: 1382 Appearance: - Hair and fur: Electric Blue and Black(Chest Piece) - Markings: Yes, Various [Birth Mark: Decagram behind left shoulder blade...
  12. shapeless0ne

    an scale request ^.=.^

    Hello furry artists I'm pretty new to the fandom and I don't have a ref sheet or any pictures of them, yet for ether of my scalesonas dragon and shark. As you can imagine it pretty confusing to explain what he looks like in words. But I'm not good enough to really draw them correctly, could...
  13. R

    How many dragons out there?

    Show me a picture of your dragonsona and why you chose to be one! (If you just want to show off your oc that's fine too.)
  14. R

    Need 1 Male Dragon [closed]

    It will be for a NSFW piece with my Dragonsona. I need a manly dragon, anthro preferred. Please PM me for details! I will close the thread when I have found someone.
  15. R

    Made a Dragonsona Recently, Thoughts?

    I also have her anthro form, but it's slightly NSFW, so I wasn't sure if I should post the full image here. Possible nsfw: www.furaffinity.net: Anthro Dragon by Rhinorocket I was just curious to see what you all thought of her.