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  1. mixpomdog

    Can somebody draw my friend?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can draw my friend! I would like him to be in feral form! heres a picture of him i tried to draw Light blue, blue stripes on back. Has a ice eye(lighter blue) and a fire eyes(orange) Name: Jay Species: Cat/Wolf Hybrid Gender:Male Age:16 Likes:Music, sleeping...
  2. mixpomdog

    Free Ref sheet?

    Hi!Can somebody do a ref sheet of Ruby? If you can i will want a feral form of her and a anthro form of her. Can you also do more angles of her?I will also like if you give her a bandada around her neck, and headphones for her accessories.I will also like if you put her info on the side or...
  3. Felipe Ibañez Chacana

    Drawing humans

    Hi again, i just wanted to now since I am not that informed that if you cam draw female humans ( being my field of expertise in comparison to my art) It's just bothering me since if you can I could post a LOT more Thank you