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drawing commissions

  1. tuhis

    (Commission) Selling: tuhis's commissions (€35+)

    Hi! I'm tuhis and I would like to offer my drawing skill for you to hire! Cute small creatures and chibi-proportioned characters I will draw for €35/each, larger characters for €65 per. My gallery has more examples of the first category, and you might see the Namazu (catfish people) are quite...
  2. Vonxy

    Hay guys

    New member joining the artists ranks here! I just signed up but keen to get started I'm currently a tattoo apprentice but in my spare time I take on commissions usually XXX, i have a few examples but don't want to post them here and get banned straight away lol. If your interested into...
  3. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: Halloween shitty costume sona commissions! (25$)

    Hey y'all! I'm opening some quick commissions for halloween I'll draw a colored portrait of your sona (up to the hips/knees) of them dressed up in a shitty costume for halloween, such as these ones: I just need some kind of reference drawing of your character, and what should be their...
  4. Little_Blueberry

    (Commission) Selling: $5 Cool Sketches!! C:

    A digitized sketch for $ 5! OC doing what you want! for each extra character $ 3 + (3 characters max.) Mail: littleblueberry08@gmail.com
  5. Baka Store

    (Commission) Selling: CHARACTER DRAWING MID-BODY 15 USD (B&W ONLY)

    Any Kind of character you like , Tv Show character, OC, FC, etc. I can draw it, just inking and dettails in black and white. Since the head until thighs (Example image of my work below) -No background -Just one character for drawing, if you want an additional character in the piece will be an...
  6. Rhisper

    (Commission) Selling: Doing cheap commissions to get myself back in the game (°u°)

    Wanting to get back into doing commissions, havent done any in 5 years! My prices are discounted and I will keep them as so until further notice My rules are simple - I have the right to refuse for any reason - no refunds after completion - 70% of price is due before initial sketch is...
  7. Felipe Ibañez Chacana

    Shall I do commissions With my skills?

    I have troubles finding people who would like to commmission me :'c I am trying my best, but I really am wondering if anyone would even want one.. What do you guys think? Forsaken2744's DeviantArt Gallery (Btw, worry if I put my link from Deviantart, that is where I upload my most recent art)
  8. Belbe

    New to Furrafinity but long time aspiring artist - would people commission me?

    Hey everyone, I've only recently discovered this.. new side of me hahaha XD And I've been sketching and drawing some OC's but I was wondering if I should go ahead and put myself out for commissions? Most furry artwork I've seen is very cartoony in work, while mine is more, semi-realistic? I...
  9. Irhileth

    Cheap Commissions Open!

    I’m willing to draw Humans/Humanoids Furry Fan Art Nudity NSFW I won’t draw Extreme fetish/Body types Incest Underage characters in a sexual manner SKETCH Bust Shot - $5 Waist/Half Body - $7 Full Body $12 Additional character $4 Examples: SKETCH - DIGITAL COLOR Bust Shot - $9...
  10. Casty

    Open for Commissions

    I am currently taking in commissions. To get an idea of my work, you may view my website and FA directly/first. My website My FA **I am able to do both anthro and feral artwork!** Sketches (From headshots to fullbody) I am able to draw any species in any pose and/or shot. More samples...
  11. K

    COMMISSIONS Starting at $10

    Posting my commissions sheet for Spring/Summer 2018. I will definitely be updating as I improve my art skills. I'll put as many details as I can here and if you have questions please note/PM me. What I will do- OC stuff and fursonas (I love OC stuff so don't be shy) , ponies, shipping, smut...
  12. CrystalChimera

    Drawing & Writing Commissions!

    Hello! I'm offering drawing and writing commissions! Most of my info and samples can be found here and here, but I'll post some info here as well. Sketches 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Character 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Background: Simple - $7 | Detailed - $14+ Lineart 3/4...