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drawing help

  1. ChronoTheFurry

    Thinking of doing a webcomic but I suck at drawing... ;-;

    I recently bought a wacom bamboo to start drawing because me and a friend wanted to make a webcomic. I realised I suck at drawing and I was wondering if anyone would have any tutorials or link me to any good tutorials because I want to make me and my friend's webcomic a reality. Thank you so...
  2. T

    Any guide/tips for someone wanting to start?

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well today! I recently got a drawing tablet, and am in need of some help! I'm trying to draw a friend of mines character from World of Warcraft, she's a Pandaren, however I'm really struggling to get the head shape down despite it being so simple looking to...
  3. BossRabbit

    Anyone have some good tips for drawing "irregular" legs?

    I'm not really sure about how to word that. My little avatar for my videos is a rabbit (true to form, of course) and I draw him in the Donald Duck style of a shirt with no pants, but now my biggest issue is the way his legs are drawn. I'm not 100% sure on how exactly to draw his legs the way a...
  4. Tallow_Phoenix

    How to draw interesting houses/architecture?

    I like making visual representations of places for my writing, but to be honest, I just don't really get architecture. Usually, when I draw houses in a village or something, I default to the standard gingerbread house design: four walls, slanted roof, chimney, overall square shape. The same goes...
  5. Nero_Furry

    How to Improve your Artwork

    Hey, So I got an Art tablet ( Gaomon M106K) For my 21. B-Day. I started "Drawing" about 4 days ago and Today i started with the Pad. I used art Tutorials like "Jazza" or "Unimaginatively Imaginative" to get into the basics. I know 4 days is the absolute beginning but i made big progresses over...
  6. Y-de

    Critique: Help finding my groove...

    I've really been trying to come up with an art style, but I've hit a wall in terms of drawing. I want to come up with a drawing style that's simple but doesn't look cheap. What advice can you give me, and what artists should I be studying?
  7. GatoYBeans

    How to Improve and draw like a Boss?

    So for the last few months I was trying to impress this one girl with my drawings of Pokemon and shit like that but things kind of broke apart and now I think I want to improve my skills for my self. I've been inspire with so many furry artists out there drawing like it was nothing and here I am...
  8. G

    New here... I want to make a fursona and learn how to draw furries!

    Hi everyone, I am Brandon. Joined the site recently because I want to try to learn how to draw furry art, and because I've never developed my own fursona before but have been meaning to for about 12 years. Just don't know what I'm doing, and am having a hard time getting started. Also it would...