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  1. CatizaDrawings

    First attempt at realistic cat

    I drew my cat Snub. I love him very much and cats in general are just awesome. So I want to learn how to draw them. If I get good enough I hope to draw other people's cats to :) If you have any good tips for drawing short fur I'm also open for that!
  2. WildKitFox

    Critique: Shading Critique and advice!!!

    Hey everyone! I've been determined to improve my art skills overall, as well as having taken my first steps in the world of digital art. The going has been fairly rough, as my drawings are still very rough. I recently tried shading one of my works, and found myself growing frustrated. I think...
  3. vividly

    (Commission) Selling: vividly's illustrations - drawings, animation, and the sort :) [20 usd portraits!] ^^

    heya, i'm new to the forums! :) add me on discord! - vividly#5763 also check out my instagram here: vividly (@vividlydraws) • Instagram photos and videos
  4. Sharpsy

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch - Full Render Character Commissions ($8 - $32)

    I'm opening commissions for character illustrations. Any commission requested will be finished within 2 weeks. Both line art and full renders will have a watermarked sketch sent before the cleanup work. My social links are on the sheet and if you have any questions please post them here or dm...
  5. WildKitFox

    Critique: Critique Request on adult scene

    Hey all! I'm working hard on improving my drawing, and was hoping to get some feedback. This is my first real attempt at placing two different characters in the same scene as if they were supposed to be inhabiting the same space and all. It was much harder than I cared for it to be, and I was...
  6. Olivitree

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Character Portraits - $10 to $50 Sale on

    Hey folks Got a mini sale on, knocking $10 off the price of my character portraits for the next 8 slots. I have some vet bills I'd like to cover, my old lady guinea pig has some potentially cancerous lumps that need removing and contrary to much popular belief, guinea pigs are not cheap to...
  7. Vonxy

    Hay guys

    New member joining the artists ranks here! I just signed up but keen to get started I'm currently a tattoo apprentice but in my spare time I take on commissions usually XXX, i have a few examples but don't want to post them here and get banned straight away lol. If your interested into...
  8. Bluekittie

    Free Art: ill try drawing ur char

    I have stuffs I can do ... lol... but may check here in case I don't feel like working on my stuffs or wanna do some practice work. Just be sure to leave references of your characters. Let me know if want head shot, half body , or full body. Let me know what kind of emotions or poses n...
  9. WildKitFox

    Critique Request!

    Hey everyone! I'm desperately trying to improve my art skills and would love any and all advice/critique/suggestions you all may have on my work. My latest sketch is a WIP that's found here: www.furaffinity.net: Quinn WIP by WildFox373 I intend to color it eventually, but would love to here...
  10. N

    Scriblio word packs. (Add your own!)

    Hi, I hope I put this in the right spot. I'm making (and stealing) a bunch of custom word packs for Skribl.io -> (skribbl.io - Free Multiplayer Drawing & Guessing Game) <- Why am I making this? I like Skriblio and I'm annoyed that there's not a whole lot of premade ready to use word packs...
  11. snizard

    Telegram channel

    Hello I made a telegram channel where i'll post pics i upload on FA. Feel free to join ♡ On telegram search for snizroom (it has a floatzel icon) Have a good day :3
  12. CattishOne

    Sketchbook: CattishOne's Drawings

    Hi! I recently got into the furry fandom and figured to share my art on the forum. Up until now I mostly drew friends' D&D characters, but I'd love to branch out and draw more furries! ✨ FurAffinity ✨ Tumblr ✨ Twitter ✨ Instagram ✨
  13. Thrashy

    The "My first drawing of a Furry" - Thread

    Hi there :) I've recently been bored, and I found this video, on how to start drawing Furries: Now I see a lot of people, who say stuff like: "I can't draw. Impossible!" Well, I was one of them :p But as boredom and curiosity both grew harmoniously, I thought, why not give it a try? So I...
  14. driftingdragon

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW WRITING COMMISSIONS+FREE ART SALE($14-$18/p)

    Hello there! My name is Drift and I'm a freelance writer/artist who's been in the business for almost ten years now. I'm looking for some people to work with for some long term ongoing writing projects. Ideally those which would include both writing and artwork which can be seen on my FA page...
  15. WildKitFox

    Critique Requested!

    Hey everyone! I'm a very new and still very rough artist trying to improve a new skill, and was wondering if you fine folks could maybe take a moment and critique one of my drawings? It's posted here: www.furaffinity.net: Harem Fox by WildFox373 I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you may...
  16. Amirrah

    Free Art Commission [Trading for "Likes]

    Hey all you wonderful furries! My 17 yo daughter, and fellow furry artist, has opened up five free commission slots for full body, full color art requests. She also has five headshot slots open. In exchange, she is asking for your support and your votes. She is currently in 2nd place in an...
  17. DrPepperAddict

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Halloween themed YCH $5USD

    All species accepted, will be replacing the place holder dog all genders accepted all color combinations accepted characters with no previous reference accepted but please be detailed in what your character is and looks like. please tell me if you would like to add anything like a witches hat /...
  18. Loganw314

    Super new to fandom

    Hey trying to make this quick....I am not great with the internet, I'm trying to get into fursuiting and going to cons snd stuff, like im starting to get depressed because I live somewhere where nobody even knows what a furry is.....soooooo if ANYONE can help me with a few basic things, like...
  19. Sultz Z. Wolf

    Hiring: Waterpark pic commission Budget: $40

    I'm looking for an artist that can do a colored pic with background, featuring my fursona and my friend MapleDash's fursona at a waterpark having fun. I have a budget of $40 for this pic. Please send me a PM or a note on my FA page Sultz Z. Wolf if you are interested in doing this pic.
  20. T

    My first furry drawings

    Hello there! :D i recently decided that i could try and do some furry drawings, see how it goes, cause a few times before i did draw some furies be it cause it was a commission or i drew it for fun. Sooooo i am new to this site, and i was wondering how do you share your art here? as in are...