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  1. V

    What did you dream of last night?

    Welcome Everyone! This thread it's just to talk about your crazy dreams when you sleep! Easy to understand right? Of course! So don't worry and say the things that you remember in your last dream! (Or any dream.) With anything more to say... Have fun!
  2. Maslicko

    Furries IN MY DREAMS

    Im still thinking about furries, in almost my every dream i see them, it's happening for about 2-5 weeks i don't remember when exactly it started, my dream today was some kind of "party" i saw 2 furries and 3 more people talking about them, in one of the dreams i've actually weared fursuit and...
  3. Punji

    Reoccurrence in Dreams

    Some people have reoccurring dreams, the same dream over again. I think I've experienced in the past, I once dreamt of a very specific dock, but it's been so many years I can't recall why I feel like it's so familiar to me. Sometimes places or concepts are reoccurring, the same events in the...
  4. Jevlin

    Did you have any interesting furry/feral dreams recently? Or an old one you couldn't forget about?

    So... did you? ヽ(・∀・)ノ This topic was inspired by my university teacher because our topic for next semester's final exam is DREAMS! Namely, others' dreams (or nightmares) because we can't work with our own ones. So came the idea to collect these from friends and strangers but I'm also just...
  5. S

    What does the user above you dream about?

    Whatcha gotta do is say what the Avatar above you frequently dreams about! Lets see how horribly this goes!
  6. Lafayette

    Recent furry related dreams

    Had a few furry related dreams recently. Feel free to post your own 1 - I walked outside to our backyard. None of the neighbors were outside or even home, just me. Went into our garden. Grabbed the water hose to start watering all the vegetable plants. It was going just fine until I heard a...
  7. NoahGryphon

    What was the last furry dream you had?

    I just had a mostly furry dream, it seemed to be about a very large festival/fair on a big beach, and anthros were going to it and working there. I remember everybody could fly in the dream, and some of the rides/activities involved transformation. There also was a huuuuge fursuit, latex suit...
  8. LeFay

    I want to hear your dreams

    I looked through the threads and didn't find anything that quite fit what I'm looking for or where outdated. Dreams interest me to no end and I'm very curious about them. Not for any spiritual reason, just general curiosity. So I want to know what kinds of dreams you guys have, what's the most...
  9. Katook

    How's your relationship with your dreams?

    Dreams are something most of us are familiar with having, and they are something I find very fascinating and complex. I've always had vivid dreams, but they vary in times in my life when they're more vivid. Spring, actually, is a time when I have the most disrupted sleep because of lucid dreams...
  10. Open_Mind

    Here's the Plan

    Best 18 minutes you'll spend today. Beautiful little story about following your dreams. "Here's the Plan"
  11. Beatle9

    What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

    I love hearing stories about dreams people have had, and I love horror. So let's combine the two; what nightmare still disturbs you just thinking about it? Mine probably doesn't sound that interesting at first. I can't exactly remember what led up to this, but in the dream I was being chased by...
  12. UldarDragon

    Strange dreams.

    Anyone had any strange furry dreams? I had a dream last night that everyone I know we found out that I was a furry and they began to hunt me 0.o It was strangely vivid because my father was after me with a hell of a big rifle. And I remember leaping effortlessly over the gate of our back...