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  1. dahbastard

    Show me your fashionable critters

    Hi, again! I love a good, well-dressed, non-human. It makes my inner child squeal with glee. It's also great not being limited to the human form, and it gives you so much more freedom in designing costumes. Here are a few of my latest: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45851331/...
  2. N

    'Red Carpet Flash' YCH [NSFW]

    [NSFW]! 7 slots left! New project y'alls <3 A bunch of OCs have been invited to the Red Carpet at a great gala opening, wearing their prettiest dresses and suits! Only thing is- when the green light flashes each and everyone of them must flash the cameras ;D Some of them will flash their...
  3. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: B> New/Used Fursuits ($1,500-3,000) Budget increased.

    Hi all! -^w^- As the title suggests, I'm looking to buy a used suit with my disposable income and I don't care anymore how anymore. If you are struggling to make ends meet and feeling desperate, feel free to DM me with pictures of your suit, references, and a price and maybe we can work...
  4. Axleonder

    We brag up a woman's hobby. She attacks us for it.

    This is what happens when you do a hangout video, spelling the difference in the way society teats men and women for their hobbies. We reference this Victorian-era "dress-up" channel, priorattire—saying nothing but kind things to her—and she finds out about us, and attacks us, with her merry...
  5. Mandyrez

    (Commission) Selling: Detailed Artpieces (25-100$)

    Hello everyone, my name is Mandyrez! I'm currently opening up commissions to help out with my future stomach surgery. Or rather, what happens after my surgery on the 24th of February: I'm going to be on medications for the rest of my life and some of them are pricey. So! Commissions are now...
  6. skeletonizedskull

    how does this dress look

    As the title implies, I'm makin' a dress for this character. If you give two shits to care and respond, how does it look?
  7. Lunafleurr

    New to FA and Currently Holding Several Adoptable Auctions

    Hi, everyone! :D I'm Luna and new to the Fur Affinity community. I'm a housewife hoping to sell a few designs in my spare time. I generally draw fashion designs but also love to draw characters. If you could, please take a look at some of my auctions and see if there's anything you'd be...
  8. Yonachka

    YCH auction - Chinese Style SB: $30

    Hello everyone! Auction end 31 march 2018 www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Chinese Style by Yonachka_doki ________________________________ SB: 30$ AB: 75$ + includes nude version!! Minimum bid increase: 2$ ________________________________ ♥ Paypal Only ♥ Female Only ♥ Any character ♥ Any species ♥...
  9. LexaWalker

    Dress YCH! $15 CAD

    First time doing a YCH! Can be any gender and can be any species! I just couldn't draw them all so I chose three :p Price is $15 CAD, and will be fully coloured and shaded! 5 slots will be available! Reply to this thread or send me a PM here or on my Furaffinity! <3 Userpage of lexawalker -- Fur...
  10. Silverkitsune84

    Sitting Sexy YCH Auction

    Any species welcome but females only! Also posted on DeviantArt SB $5 MI: $.20 AB: $15