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  1. HarpyFeather

    Driving Tips for someone with severe ADHD and Anxiety?

    This might be weird, but it's been on my mind recently, and I don't want to use this site just for advertising. But, driving is something I have always fumbled, I have crippling ADHD, and my meds I am on now for the most part do their job though it is still a little hard for me to focus. I...
  2. Maximus B. Panda

    When you are parking your car and....

    You get your parking wrong the first time, so you try and correct it, then one weirdo starts watching you like you are doing something wrong, then another looks your way, and another, and soon you've got a whole crowd of assholes watching you as you're trying to park your goddamn car! In these...
  3. Kioskask

    What do you wish to drive?

    If you drive a car, what car is it and do you like it? What is your dream car? Do you think you will ever buy it?
  4. Maximus B. Panda


    I love driving my car. It's so cool to commandeer such an awesome machine that gets me around. I love driving throughout the countryside and desert, just for the trip. I like driving. Every time I hit the road, it's a new adventure to me. You need to be alert and ready if you want to avoid...