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  1. B

    Based on what you've seen and heard, how common is substance abuse in the fandom?

    I'm someone who doesn't drink, smoke, or use drugs (other than what is prescribed and only in the prescribed amount). I've heard some horror stories that took place at conventions and furmeets, and I'm wondering, is substance abuse an issue in the fandom? Should I be concerned? I'm okay with pot...
  2. Throwaway

    Free Base Ref Sheet

    what is a free base ref sheet and how do I get one? I only know what freebase means in chemistry and street drugs.
  3. TheFoxFreedom

    Serious Question: are furry conventions friendly? Is it a safe place peaple usually say it is?

    So, after seeing in twitter like "Stop having alcoholic commas. Sense guys, if you drink at the point to get a alcoholic comma, you shouldnt be at a furry convention" and it makes me so sad, to know a place that was supposed to be friendly, we have those kind of things. i didnt care at all, but...
  4. Foxxorz

    :U wat

    Hullo :3 I have been lurking around the art site for years and years and years and never bothered to check out the forum. WELL now I'm here and am going to give my input on things I find relevant to my interests! These things include foxes, sci-fi shit, and appearing to be (while not actually...
  5. RinkuTheRuffian

    A year in my town...

    I often complain about how terrible my lovely town of Chilliwack, BC is. But this ain't just teen angst, I swear to christ people are actually batshit crazy junkies around here, check it out: Just one year on one road... now imagine an entire town. Granted, the mayor doesn't give a shit about...
  6. Ricky

    SIP: For a Fun Time, Grab Yourself a Tent Here in Seattle!

    NOTE: I'm going to update this. I wanted to get a really rough draft in order though, and be able to use the functionality here. I'm sure there will be a lot more added too, since I can already remember a ton of shit I left out. For example, the 6-car take-down right down on the street from TC6...