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  1. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    Anyone else out there a fan of some of the heavier sides of EDM? (Dubstep, tearout, etc etc)
  2. Firio Zifirion

    Making a group with people that make music.

    So recently (like 10 minutes ago) I made a Megalovania remix. I was thinking about posting it on youtube or somewhere. I realised that uploding it on soundcloud or youtube wouldnt make people listen to it... The point is I want to make music that someone would listen to (dubstep, chillstep...
  3. workrobloxian

    What is the heaviest dubstep song you've listened to?

    I'll answer first. Zomboy - Like a Bitch (Dirty Vice Remix)
  4. yedeewilde

    Electronic Music Producers

    Hello I would like to share an independent record label made for furries which is Furocious Records, It's an EDM record label so we accept every Electronic Music Genre So if you'd like to send a demo feel free The email is : furociousrecords@gmail.com
  5. PixiMinx

    Hello My Glues

    What is up my guys i am PixiMinx and everybody looks like glue. Also i flex like glue pretty hard. Also Code: Pandorum.
  6. theCRAZYshow

    N07 f0R |_| by me!

    Hope you like it.