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  1. Umai Kitsune

    Art Dump (?)

    Probably not a whole lot in here but... Here's my page: Userpage of UmaiKitsune -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Started making my own bases for adopts, looking for review, advice or adopters! Having a little fun with digital art (only recently acquired an outlet (that's not mine ,RIP ))...
  2. it'sstrawberryfluff

    Art improvement/ Dump

    hey just making a place for me to display art. if you would like to share you art with me that would be great as well. yah ^^
  3. Luku_Zuku

    Sketch Dump...

    So, I do a little art... and I'll dump anything here for now...... For now.. I got a thumbnail to show of my fr, Luku...