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dungeon master

  1. Elliot Manowar

    Furry DnD: Quest for the Meme Gods

    This is a Dnd game me and Tyno made. Feel free to join. Just say your class and go. The only rule is in order to become a god you need to get a life amulet from me by defeating three high level monsters I will spawn. Ping me at any time in the game to challenge me.
  2. eddy-boy

    D&D Dungeon Master Needed!

    Well met! My Discord Furry RPG group hungers for more adventure! But for that we’ll require an extra Dungeon Master for a D&D 5e game. Do you dare herd some cats through some dungeons and saucy RP? x3 Homebrew races and stories are strongly encouraged. We are also a lewd friendly group. -3-...