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dungeons and dragons

  1. Lea.Tigris

    Tabletop Furs!

    Hello! I love board games and Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm curious to see how many furs are about that also like Tabletop Games! My favourite games: Mysterium Lords of Waterdeep Cthulhu Realms Kittens in a Blender Dungeons and Drgaons Pathfinder What about you? What do you like to play...
  2. Protoshy

    DnD 5e Furry Homebrew

    I am looking into doing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends on a furry discord server I own and I would like to provide them with race options that match their fursonas. A few of them, like dragons could use core races, but for the most part it would require homebrew races I think. Would...