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  1. a sleepy kitty

    Thinking about using a Dutchie as my main sona?

    A Dutch Angel Dragon to be exact. I was thinking of making her either cream white or snow white, with gold and silver markings, and sky blue eyes. Are any of those things against the rules for making one? I would love suggestions too, plus a unique name. Her personality will be mild, sweet and...
  2. PaleoClipper

    YCH Dutchie or similar (selling $10)

    Hi there! I can do any Dutch Angel Dragon, or Pegasis (or anything that will fit on my personally made base) I can also modify your character to fit the base you see here. Floppy ears, stubby tail, hooves?? No problem! The only part of the base that stays the same is show here. Wings, horns...
  3. Synnotchi

    New to the community, fursona opinions?

    Hello~ I'm Synnotchi. I am extremely new to the fandom and have been watching all kinds of videos and staring at cute artwork all week long, and of course with that came printing out a free fursona base at work and doodling in my spare time with the very limited pens and highlighters, hah...
  4. DaakuN

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Dutch Angel Dragons Designs Auction [50-140€]

    Hello, I designed these two dutchies + with approval of one of the Archangels. If you choose to buy one please, check the Dutch Angel Dragon species rules. For more infos > www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN 2/2] Dutch Angel Dragon Adoptables by DaakuN RULES : -PAYPAL ONLY (fees to your charge)...
  5. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Too simular backstory to Dutchies?

    I have my own regulated species ( Cloud dogs ) That have a backstory that is bit simular to dutchies, but im not sure if its too simular. heres the story: So my sona and many other cloud dogs used to live in Kumo Island, Protected by the spirits. They were once plentiful in Cloud dogs and many...
  6. Foenixblood

    Help name my Dutchie (poll)

    I just finished the color pattern on my Dutch Angel Dragon and need help naming him. Ill consider most names, but would favor it more if it has least 1 odd letter (Z,X,V,J). Here is the ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Dutchie sona secondary by Foenixblood
  7. furryfilth

    How to draw Dutchies?

    I've been experimenting with my DAD Tofu and I'm wondering if anyone knows of quick shape bases (circles and lines and shit) for drawing anthro dutchies? I can manage the heads pretty well from the side with two circles but I have a hard time proportioning the shoulders and arms. Any advice is...