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dystopian future

  1. reptile logic

    New book coming out; shooting for end of Dec!

    Hey y'all, [Edit: due to low staffing over the holidays, my distributor tells me that a new, reasonable release date will be January 16, 2023. sorry for the delay. I really wanted the book out this year, but ultimately the delay at my end gave me time to further polish my work. Been working to...
  2. reptile logic

    A teaser from my upcoming book (No Title Yet)

    Hello, I am only two, partially finished stories away from completing my draft of interconnected short stories. Soon, I will be releasing the work to my beta readers, then to final editing and publishing. I have already shared some of the story drafts here. This one is just a teaser; sharing...
  3. Punk_M0nitor

    REOPENED - Cyberpunk/Dystopia RP

    It's been a long while since I roleplayed, but I'm craving that storytelling thrill XD I'm looking for an RP partner who enjoys writing dystopias, cyberpunk, and overall drama/action thrillers. The world my OC lives in isn't glamorous but has a lot of heavy cyberpunk elements, like an emphasis...
  4. reptile logic

    "Twenty Year Review" A short, scaly story.

    I needed to take a break from my novels for a while. Here is my latest short story, to add to my collection. It's 14, 8-1/2 X 11 pages long. So rather than break it up, I decided to attach the PDF (Brief moments of implied sexuality [nothing graphic] and brief moments of violence.) I hope you...